Japan has some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They have distinct features such as directed muzzles and noses in addition to crinkled tails. Some of the most popular breeds include:

The Japanese Spitz is closely related to the Pomeranian. This dog breed has a long fur coat which is pure white with a thick layer under it.

It has a wedge-shaped face and small, pointed upright ears. The dog has a lifespan of about 10 to 16 years they grow 12 to 15 inches in height and weigh about 5 to 10 kilograms.

One of the unique things about this dog is that dirt does not often stick to the coat. This is an important fact for those who would like to breed the dog as it is low maintenance.

It is classified as a companion dog and is prone to runny eyes. These dogs were created as a result of interbreeding various other Spitz dogs.

The dog is good with children and is playful, loyal and affectionate.

Although it can be kept in an apartment, it is best to have it in a home with a compound for the sake of exercise.