Janne Tranberg: Was Former Gang Boss Arrested?

Janne Tranberg Wikipedia And Family: Meet Him On Instagram

Janne Tranberg is one of the popular searches on the Wikipedia platform. Get to know everything about Former Boss Gang who was arrested from Spain. 

Janne Tranberg original name is Janne “Nacci” Tranberg, the second main suspect in the so-called Katiska tangle.

Name Janne Tranberg
Age 46 last year
Gender male
Nationality Finnland
Instagram janne.nacci

Janne Tranberg Wikipedia

Janne Traneberg ‘s biography is not covered in Wikipedia.

However, he is Finlands most wanted criminal for the Katiska drug case.

The actual date of birth of Tranberg is still not revealed. He was running on 46 last year.

Janne Tranberg Family 

Traneberg ‘s information about his family is not revealed yet.

We will update this section shortly. Janne Traneberg used to reside in Finland.

Who is His Wife?

Janne Traneberg’s wife and family prefer to stay away from the limelight.

He has not revealed his girlfriend or partner details yet.

We will cover this section shortly. 

Meet Janne On Instagram

Janne Nacci is on Instagram by the username @janne.nacci.

He has amassed about 38.8k followers and 120 posts.

Former Boss Gang Arrested

In 2019, The Former Boss Gang was arrested from Spain for the second main defendant in the Katiska drug case.

He has to pay a residual tax of € 3,118 as Jane had earned an income of EUR 44,619, According to the taxpayer.

Jane Traneberg and Niko Ranta-Aho had a drug organization in Spain from where they brought illegal drugs up to 17 kilos of cocaine, more than 200 kilos of amphetamines, more than a hundred thousand ecstasy tablets, and methamphetamine, LSD, and hashish to Finland.

Last October, Jane was caught after nearly two years of escaping in Spain.

Janne Tranberg Net Worth

Traneberg’s current net worth for the Year 2021 is not available.

However, Jane Nacci’s book became one of the most popular true crime books of recent years.

Tranberg wrote the book Wanted – The Story of Finland’s Most Wanted Criminal (CrimeTime) together with crime reporter Pekka Lehtinen during his escape trip.