Jane Leeves Net Worth: Know About her Husband, Height and Age

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Jane Leeves is an English actress, comedian and singer who has a net worth of $16 million. Jane Leeves is the famous actress enjoying both of her American & British nationality. Jane Leeves first stint as an actor was in 1983 in The Meaning of Life.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $16 million
  • Husband: Marshall Coben
  • Children: Finn William Leeves Coben, Isabella Kathryn Coben
  • Height: 1.78 m

However, she rose to prominence with her role of Daphne Moon on the TV sitcom Frasier in 1993. Earlier to this, she was seen in the many small roles including her first lead role in the Throb.


Jane Leeves Husband – Marshall Coben and Kids

Jane Leeves is married to husband Marshall Coben since 1996. The couple who has remained as husband & wife for seventeen years is blessed with the two children as Finn William Leeves Coben & Isabella Kathryn Coben.

Belonging to the working class English family she was born to an Engineer father Collin Leeves & a nurse mother Ruth Leeves in Essex in England.

Being an accomplished & leading actress of recent time it would be little shocking to tell that as a child she had a sturdy attraction towards dance which she continued to have all over her adolescence. Adolescence Leeves used to dream of coming out as an accomplished ballerina.

However, the destiny had another plan of her as she had to stop dancing because of her leg injury. Thus her journey to acting commenced.

Jane Leeves Movies and TV shows

Embarking her career history would be she was at the teenage of eighteen when she moved to London to pursue her career as actress & model. She auditioned for various films & television roles working as a model. Her long-term hunt of captivating television role finally came to end with The Meaning of Life in 1993. This role is considered as her first step in acting.

The same year she was seen in a famous sketch comedy show of Britain, The Benny Hill Show. Still, her thirst to land the striking role in British television wasn’t quenched. So in order to get better career opportunity, she moved to Los Angeles with some clothes and $ 1000.

Her first work in LA was to enroll herself in an acting class which included future superstars Winona Ryder, Jim Carrey, and Ellen DeGeneres. As it wasn’t an easy task to manage alone in an unknown city she took the job as babysitter & clerk in order to pay her fee. During her struggling years, money wasn’t only her problem as she faced depression too. It was in 1986 when thing started changing in her way.

She gained a lead role in Throb. The show introduced her to American viewers for the first time. After that, she was seen in the Murphy Brown along with her then-roommate Faith Ford. Later she was seen in a guest role in many episodes of Seinfeld. Her striking role considered till date came in 1993 in the sitcom Frasier.

The show ran for eleven years and scored thirty-seven Emmy award of primetime. Since then she has been one of the notable parts of this industry appearing in Misconception, Desperate Housewives, Phineas & Ferb. Besides being one of the successful actresses she is also known for her friendly behavior in her sets.

Coming out as a leading actress of the recent time, she surely makes her fortune from acting.

Beautiful Jane who one time was a famishing & stressed actress an ocean far from her home, is now among the accomplished actress of the time. This surely is dream come true for her. It is not only her professional life that she enjoys successfully.

Jane Leeves – Age, Height and Body Measurements

Enriched with the beautiful face & perfect height of 5ft 10 inches, Jane Leeves surely is one of the hot actresses of Hollywood. Blessed with the super hot bikini body the pair of stunning legs along with gorgeous feet adds extra charm on her beauty. The image of hot Jane is available everywhere on the internet.

Being one of the leading actresses in Hollywood she surely has the pressure to look stunning in her every appearance. But the notable thing about this lady is that she hasn’t been through any plastic surgery in order to keep herself young & charming.

For keeping herself in good shape she takes some regular diet and exercise. However, her regular diet is still secret to her fans.