Jamie Chua Husband, Daughter, Facts About the Singaporean Socialite

While the 2018 movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ became successful all over Asia, American moviegoers also enjoyed the romantic comedy.

Despite the odds, the beautiful blend of romance with lavishes received enormous historical, critical & commercial success.

Primarily focused on the Singaporean richest socialite, the movie is the great representation of high-end privilege upper segment of Singapore society.

Among wealthy businesswomen shaping high society is Jamie Chua, a Singaporean socialite, and fashionista.

With an estimated net worth of $40 million excluding her investments, this beautiful Singaporean woman Jamie Chua is a businesswoman and successful investor.

Jamie Chua Husband – Nurdian Cuaca and their Daughter

The former Singapore Airline stewardess drew attention when she earned big on a divorce settlement. This super glam Indonesian-Chinese has a huge presence on the social media platform.

Always on the go, Jamie is widely famous for her luxurious lifestyle. Besides this, go through this article to unveil more interesting Jamie Chua facts!

Jamie Chua’s marriage to multi-millionaire husband Nurdian Cuaca definitely hustled her way from flight attendant to become Singapore’s high-end socialite.

Jamie is also known as the richest kids of Singapore, despite being over 40 and mother of two teens.

Just, in the course of two decades, she has earned celebrity status and multi-million fortunes. Ageless Jamie’s claim for wealth and popularity is being the ex-wife of Indonesian millionaire, Nurdian Cuaca.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nurdian Cuaca has an estimated fortune of $50 million, having loosened certain portion on the divorce settlement.

When Jamie was tender 20-year-old flight steward she met her future husband, Nurdian Cuaca – say her Wikipedia.

Shortly after the encounter, the two began dating and married in 1995, after a year of a low-profile relationship.

Throughout their 15-year marriage, they welcomed two children, both daughters named Cleveland and Callista. For some reason, Jamie and Nurdian keep their daughters away from the limelight.

However, the marriage went downhill in early 2010 when the businessman reportedly had an extra-marital affair.

The power couple of Singapore & Indonesia high-society divorced in February 2010, and reportedly Nurdian’s wife became richer.

At the time of their divorce, Nurdian owned real estate valued at over $15 million & further $80 million worth of commercial investments.

And, when the couple separated, Jamie drew international attention after she demanded $450,000 monthly alimony to support her lifestyle.

Fast forward today, the social media savvy has a lovable, supportive boyfriend, whom she often mentions on Instagram.

Singaporean Socialite Jamie Chua – Her Luxurious Lifestyle

Dubbed the ‘Queen of Instagram’, her extravagant lifestyle and expensive possession can make anyone go green with envy.

It is no hidden fact that Jamie owns massive HDB flat-sized wardrobe, full of branded clothes, bags, and shoes.

In fact, Jamie Chua with 1 million Instagram followers allegedly spends over $14,000 per month into her skincare regimen and beauty.

Living the high life, she often enjoys exotic trips on a private yacht, flies and pampers herself with expensive gateways.

With her youthful looks, the 45-year-old Singaporean girl hardly looks of her age and can easily give someone half of her age run for their money.

On social media, fans get to have the look of her picture-perfect and jet setting lifestyle. Besides that, this business acumen is the owner of her own skincare line called ‘Luminous 1’.