James Kelly Net Worth, Laura Kuenssberg Husband, Wedding :: Facts on His Age, Wiki, Family and Children

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James Kelly Net Worth, Laura Kuenssberg Husband, Wedding :: Facts on His Age, Wiki, Family and Children

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British journalist Laura Kuenssberg is married to James Kelly. She is the first female political editor at BBC News. People regard her as one of the leading commentators on the British political scene.

Her career in NBC news began when she was taking a journalism course at Georgetown University. She later joined the network after her graduation.

She became the BBC’s political editor on July 2015. Her wiki suggests that she grew up in Glasgow during her childhood days. Additionally, she attended the University of Edinburgh and Georgetown University.

Currently, she has been making the news due to her interview with Boris Johnson. The interview was a heated one and has caused waves in the United Kingdom. Boris claimed through the interview that the UK will leave the EU on October 31.

Most people know of Laura at this point. However, her husband has not been on the limelight as much as her. He has lived a relatively low-key career so far.

Here, we have collected some details about his family and his career.

James Kelly’s Net Worth

There is no information available about James’s present net worth. His wife, however, has an impressive net worth of $1.5 million.

Laura Kuenssberg’s Husband

Most people will associate James with his relationship with his wife. She is one of the most recognized faces on television at the moment.

She has a brother and a sister. Additionally, she attended Laurel Bank School during her early schooling years. She later studied history at the University of Edinburgh.

She had already made up her mind to chose journalism as her career when she was in her University years. This led her to work for local radio and then cable television.

She joined BBC North East and Cumbria and later began working as a chief political correspondent for BBC News.

She received the Broadcaster of the Year in November of 2016. The award was handed by the Political Studies Association. She also received the Journalist of the Year award at the British Journalism Awards as well.

Laura Kuenssberg and James Kelly Wedding Details

There are no details available regarding the venue and the date of the pair’s wedding. The marriage is stable at the moment.

There are not many details available about their relationship. Several sites have reported that they are happily married at the moment.

Facts on James Kelly’s Age

Just like with all his other personal information, fact about James Kelly’s age gas also been kept on the dark. His wife is 43 years of age. He too is probably in his mid-forties.

His Wiki

James Kelly does not have a wiki page. Multiple sites have reported that he is a management consultant by profession.

He studied at Edinburgh just like his wife. He moved to the US to undertake studies at Harvard University after he completed his degree in the UK.

The pair currently reside in East London. They don’t have any children from their relationship. Unlike his wife, he often appears on the media. He likes to keep his life and career away from public attention.

Family and Children Info

No information can be found regarding his family background. James does not have any children from his relationship with his wife. He has no children from any of his past relationships.