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James Eckhouse Net Worth, (Wife Sheila Kiliher Walsh) Height, Wiki, Family. James Eckhouse is a distinguished American television and film actor, former carpenter and director. Accredited for his coveted role as Jim Walsh in teen drama series ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’, James had also guest starred in Hollywood movies like ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘Cocktail’.

James Eckhouse Net Worth – $2 Million Dollars

The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ famed actor James Eckhouse projected net worth counts $2 million dollars whereas his annual salary is still under the shade.

Although gained fame with Fox drama series, James had previously appeared several commercially successful movies including ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘Big’ which probably raked James a rewarding salary.

His prolonged career as a carpenter while residing in New York prior to embarking on Hollywood might have also earned Eckhouse a hefty amount of cash.

James Eckhouse Wife – Sheila Kiliher Walsh


James Eckhouse has been evidently private about his relationship and bond with longtime girlfriend turned wife Sheila Kiliher Walsh.

In more than 3 decades of marital life, James has hardly opened up on how he met the love of his life and when the two started dating each other.

Yet, James and his wife Sheila evidently make one of the dreamiest couples on the planet with their idyllic relationship and everlasting bond.

They had tied a knot in a private ceremony in 1982 and since the two has been together relishing a euphoric life with no buzz of differences and split rumors.

Together the duo also shares two all-grown-up boys, James Gabriel Eckhouse and Zander Eckhouse.

Following his footsteps, his son Zander has also pursued a career in movies and so far has starred in ‘I Melt with You’, and ‘Huge’.

James Eckhouse Height – 5 feet 8 inches

He is currently at age 64 and James Eckhouse still looks as handsome as always with dashing looks, modest appearance, and charisma.

Making absolute gentlemen, James possesses a mannish visage with a clean-shaven face, ever beaming skin and expressive brown eyes that coerce women to fall on their head over heels.

And adding to his jaw-dropping good looks is James towering height of 5 feet 8 inches and super athletic physique with chiseled abs and masculine biceps that has the gawky eye of every lady.

Eckhouse who’s quite cautious of his health and fitness has maintained his ripped physique through mild exercise and routine jogging.

James Eckhouse Wiki

Born and raised in Chicago Illinois, James has been strangely clandestine about his personal life.

In more than 30 years of an acting career in movies, James has made a guest appearance in several shows but he hasn’t once spoken about his parents and early childhood keeping it hush-hush.

As per his wiki page, James Eckhouse is a graduate of New York-based Juilliard School with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

He also studied shortly at Massachusetts Institute of Technology before inclining towards showbiz and having a career in acting.

James Eckhouse Family

He may have been a globally recognized actor working in big-budget Hollywood movies like ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Judgement Day’.

Regardless of how popular and on-demand he is in Hollywood movies, people hardly know about the details of James Eckhouse family and parents as James has concealed it from the media.