James Acaster Net Worth, Married, Wife, Rose Matafeo, Girlfriend, Age

James Acaster Age: Comic James Acaster was born on 9 January 1985, in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England. He is 34 years of age.

He first came in the spotlight through the London stand-up circuit as he toured all over the country and opened for popular comics like Josie Long and Milton Jones.

People enjoy his quick-witted jokes and remarks on panel shows like “Mock the Week” and “Would I Lie to You”.

In 2018, Netflix released his 4-hour long standup session called “Repertoire”, which was met by an overwhelming success and gave him exposure to the whole world.


James Acaster Net Worth

Acaster has been drowning himself in work as of late. Whether it is an appearance on a television show, performing at a comedy festival, opening nights of other comics, his own standup tours, you name it and Acaster has done them all.

Plus, he must have struck a sweet deal with that Netflix special, considering how generously Netflix pays its comedians.

However, we do not have any verified information about James Acaster’ net worth as of this moment.

James Acaster Girlfriend Wife

James Acaster has been in a couple of relationships that we know about. First let’s talk about his relationship with a comic out of New Zealand, Rose Matafeo.

James first met Rose, a fellow stand-up comic when they were both playing at the same comedy joint in New Zealand. Things were smooth at first, but then came “long distance”.

Rose, was still working in New Zealand and James came back to London.

However, Rose often visited him in London. Although there seemed to be an attempt made by both sides to continue their relationship, it didn’t last. They finally called it off.

After that, he was in a relationship with ‘The Windsors’ actress Louise Ford. They dated for some time and as per Acaster himself he “got dumped”. Louise then went on to date the British comedy legend Rowan Atkinson, famous all over the world for his character “Mr. Bean”.

As a matter of fact, Acaster mentions this on his Netflix comedy special, which is highly recommended by the critics.

James Acaster Married

Aside from the above-mentioned relationships, there is no further information on his love life. At present, James Acaster is not a Married man and is believed to be Single.

James Acaster Short Bio, Career

James Acaster is a stand-up comedian out of London. He is famous for his hilarious observational comedy i.e. the comedy born out of absurdity in our daily lives.

Acaster has attended Montagu Secondary School in his home town to Kettering. He later went to Northampton College to study music.

James Acaster is also a musician. He played the drums for a few local Northamptonshire bands. Mainly, he was in bands named “The Wow! Scenario”, “The Capri-Sun Quartet” among few others.

Acaster had his first solo comedy gig in 2011 named “Amongst Other Things”. He then gradually gained steam and built a name for himself with his stand-up shows like “Prompt”, “Lawnmower”, which he performed all over the U.K as well as overseas. For his show “Prompt” he also received an award in Auckland Comedy Festival in New Zealand.

Similarly, he has got 4 consecutive nominations at Edinburgh Comedy Awards for his show “Recognise” and “Represent” and previous two (prompt, lawnmower).

Additionally, Acaster is also a writer. He has written a pilot for a sitcom “We The Jury”. Likewise, he has also written a book titled “James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes”, which involves the stories that he told on his friend Josh Widdicombe’s podcast and radio show.