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Jamal Woolard’s Net Worth: American actor and rapper Jamal Woolard have a net worth of $500 Thousand. He has been appearing in movies and Television shows for more than a decade and we all know, work in the show business pays very well.

Who is Jamal Woolard’s Wife?

Jamal Woolard was previously married to his wife Trina. Their relationship was part of several media headlines due to its nature. Several sites reported that at one point in their marriage, Jamal was arrested after he reportedly caused domestic violence.

After the reports were made, later it was further revealed that Jamal choked his wife and he also tied her both hands. Jamal’s stepson made the 911 call and he was later arrested.

It was reported that Jamal also dated Torrie Hart who is the ex-wife of American comedian Kevin Hart. At present, however, Jamal has not been linked with anyone.

Judging by his Instagram posts, he is probably living a single life. Most of his recent Instagram posts have been about his daughter.

Jamal Woolard’s Age – How old is Jamal Woolard in 2019?


According to his official Wiki page, Jamal Woolard was born on July 8, 1975, which makes his age 43 years.

Additionally, he hails from Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Jamal Woolard’s Biggie and other Acting Roles

Although most might recognize Jamal Woolard for his portrayal of Biggie in the movies ‘All Eyez on Me’, ‘Notorious’, and ‘The Return’, he has also been part of several other movies and television shows. He initially appeared in the role of a rapper in the video ‘Eyes on Hip Hop.’ This was back in 1995.

Additionally, his next acting role came in 2009 after he was cast in the movie ‘Notorious.’ In the movie, he played the role of Christopher ‘Biggie’ Wallace for the first time in his career. This was his first major role and he was able to garner widespread fame through this portrayal.

Jamal Woolard played the role of Malik in the short movie ‘Daisy and Ray’ in 2011. In 2013, he also appeared as Bubbie in the TV movie ‘Dice City.’ Jamal has also been part of the movie ‘730’ which was released in 2015.

Jamal is often described as a dedicated actor. He reportedly gained an additional 50 pounds before portraying the role of The Notorious B.I.G. in the movie ‘Notorious.’ This proves that he takes his acting job very seriously.

In the same year, he also had a role in another movie ‘Battle Scars.’ In the movie, he played the role of Dre. In 2016, he became part of two projects namely, ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’ and ‘The Return.’

2017 was a major year for Jamal with respect to his acting career. He was cast in five projects this year. He appeared as Stan in the movie ‘The Fearless One, as Biggie in ‘All Eyez on Me.’ In addition, he was cast as Mr. Blueray in the TV Mini-Series ‘The Grid’ and Cedric in the movie ‘Karma.’

Some of his other recent acting roles have come in ‘Twenty to One’, ‘Juug Gone Wrong’, ‘Never Heard’, ‘Got my Hustle Up’, ‘Turnt’, and ‘Doctor Impostor.’

Apart from his acting roles in movies and TV shows, Jamal has also released multiple mixtapes. Some of his popular mixtapes are ‘Brooklyn Capo’, ‘Notorious Gravy’, and ‘Hell Up in Harlem’ among others.