Who Is Jakob Butturff Wife?

Butturfff's marital status is single, and he is rumored to be dating, though he hasn't revealed anything about it much.

However, the American bowler is dating Nikki Williams, his girlfriend. His Florida-based partner is a social worker with a master's degree. Nikki works as a social worker in a school.

Butturff's relationship is kept hidden from the public spotlight since he prefers to keep his personal life private. 

Explore The Bowler Parents Ethnicity

Many people are curious about Jakob Butturff's ethnicity, country, and ancestry, yet his ethnicity is unknown. Butturff's mother name is Bridget Miyoko Miller and his father's name is not revealed yet.

 Moving on to his family, Jakob Butturff appears to be his parents' only son. r, his beloved mother, died in November 2020. She died of cancer. He has always thought of himself as a mama's boy.

Butturff is bowling with a heavy heart heading into 2021, following the death of his mother in November. He was surrounded by his bowling family once more when she died away. Marshall Kent, Anthony Simonsen, and Darren Tang, all of whom live in Las Vegas, were quick to reach him after hearing the news, and the ASU bowling team traveled to Vegas to attend his mother's burial.

In many respects, his mother is by his side. He keeps part of her ashes on a keychain with him at all times. He wears a bracelet she gives him when he's not bowling. He also has a tattoo on his back of a woman cradling her newborn kid with a pink cancer ribbon around it, implying that she is always keeping an eye on him.

Jakob Butturff Instagram Explored

Jakob Buttruff has 24.2k Instagram followers, and his username is @jakobbutturff300 which he uses the platform to provide updates about his life.

He keeps his personal and professional lives in equal measure up to date. In comparison to Instagram, he is less active on Twitter. Perhaps as a result of this, he has fewer Twitter followers.