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Jake Rodgers
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Well, this year has proved to lucky for Jake Rodgers. It was only a few months ago, he joined the team of Denver Broncos.

And, now, with his impressive football skills, he has been promoted. To all those who are fans of Jake must be loving this good news.

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If you ask most people, they would definitely tell you that he deserves the recent promotion. After all, he has demonstrated his worth time and again through his games.

This is why he is no longer in the practice squad of the Denver BroncosHowever, while promoting Rodgers, Broncos had to let go of offensive lineman Corey Levin.

Jake Rodgers Wife, He is not married yet

When it comes to Jake, he has got both the skills and good looks as well. So, I can understand if you guys want to know if he has a wife yet.

To be honest, his personal life is quite a secret among the public. As a result, not everyone is aware of what happens in his everyday life.

But, girls out there may rest assured because he is not married yet. If he were, it would have been all over the internet which is not the case right now.

Jake Rodgers Salary – $495 thousand


Since the news of Rodgers’ promotion has hit the internet, everyone seems to be wondering about his salary.

Although he has only been playing pro football for some years, he has already had quite an experience. So, his salary has to amount a good deal.

According to Over The Cap, Jake Rodgers has a salary-cap charge of $465 thousand as of 2019. Similarly, he has an annual contract value of $495 thousand.

Jake Rodgers Girlfriend

Any girl would be lucky to be Jake’s girlfriend. But, who could be this girl? Until now, there is no info about Jake’s dating history.

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In fact, neither has Jake opened up about his relationship status. So, not many people know if he has a girlfriend or not.

Is Jake Rodgers’s Net Worth above $1 million?

Jake Rodgers career has been going pretty solid. You can see his recent promotion by Broncos as an example. Therefore, his net worth might have spiked up to some extent.

According to Hero Sports, has career earnings of $135K over four seasons. He earned $480K in 2018, which ranked 58th among Ts and 2142nd overall in the NFL.

And, in 2019, he has an annual contract value of $495 thousand. But, as of now, his estimated net worth has not been reviewed.

Jake Rodgers Height, Weight

Talking about his height, Jake is pretty tall. As per Wiki, he stands at a height of 6 feet and 6 inches.

In the same way, in meters, he is 1.98 meters tall.

Those of you who have seen him know that he has got a huge body. So, he must have a lot of weight.

And, I guess, the position in which he plays requires him to have that sort of physique. As of now, he has a weight of 145 Kg.

Jake Age, Bio

Rodgers is an American football player. He has been recently promoted to offensive tackle by Denver Broncos.

Jake Rodgers was born on September 10, 1991. In this way, he is 28 years of age.