Jada Sezer Age, Bio, Weight, Measurements: Facts on Plus Size Model and Love Island

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Jada Sezer is an English plus-size model and Instagram personality. She is most famous for running the London 10k marathon in her underwear.

Jada Sezer Age: 30 Years

Jada Sezer was born on March 18, 1989, in London, England. She is 30 years of age.

Aside from being a model, she is also extremely well educated. She has a degree in Psychology and she did her Masters in Child Psychotherapy from the University of Birmingham.

We do not have any information on her parents and siblings. However, in some interviews, she has mentioned that her parents are extremely supportive of her career. She is the youngest on the family of four.

Jada Sezer Weight: 94 Kg and Measurements: 42-39-45 In

The whole deal about Jada is that she wants to see other plus-sized women and girls all over the world to feel comfortable on their body as she does. She has practically devoted herself to the cause.

So how much does Jada actually weigh?

Jada Sezer weighs around 94 kg (207 lbs). She has body measurements of an estimated 42-39-45 inches. Similarly, her bra-size is 34GG.

Additionally, she stands 5 Feet 9.5 Inches tall.

Jada Sezer and Love Island

Love Island is the famous British reality dating show on ITV which started from June of 2015. It has people locked in the villa with cameras watching all over it. The contestants then, try to meet new people and they hope they find the love of their life.

Then obviously what follows next is drama, heartbreak, cute moments and deceptions. All in all makes a good reality TV show.

However, it received some flack over the fact that the show is less diverse. Then reports came that two previous contestants Sophie Gradon (32) and Mike Thalassitis (26) died in a suicide. This gave way to a lot of criticism on how the show handles the mental health of its contestants.

This is where Jada and Love Island meet. The TV show’s quest to find more diversity among body-sizes led them straight to Jada. Then the British tabloids picked them up and the drumbeats started.

It went on for a week but it all came to an end when Jada posted a picture from the London 10k marathon in underwear and essentially announced she won’t be participating on the show.


Her argument was that the fight for diversity and confidence for plus-sized women is too big to have been summed up by a single person showing up for a TV show. This was met by varying opinions but one thing is for sure, she provoked a conversation on this sensitive topic left alone for too long.

Jada Sezer Short Bio, Net Worth

Jade Sezer officially started modeling in mid-2015 after she joined the modeling agency Models1 UK. She then gradually started taking professional photographs and uploading them on her Instagram.

It didn’t take long for gorgeous Jada to attract some eyeballs and before you can tell, she started appearing on magazines like Vogue and also became the face of the L’Oreal Truth Match Foundation campaign.

As a result, her estimated net-worth is around $300 thousand.

Among these, she is the favorite model for plus-size clothing brands and has worked for dozens of such online retailers.

She is also associated with Young Minds UK, a non-profit which helps teens with their mental health and builds a sense of community.

Her political affiliation is with the Women’s Equality Party.

She also hosts a podcast with her friend Connie Simmonds called Growing Up Female.