Who Is Hamish Macdonald Partner? Meet Jacob Fitzroy

Jacob Fitzroy, Hamish Macdonald's partner, is a Senior Analyst at Deloitte Australia. 

He has a Bachelor's degree from the University of Syndey. He was majoring in Geological and Geosciences. 

Jacob has worked in the United Nations for a brief time. 

What Is Jacob Fitzroy's Age? 

Jacob is younger than Hamish. Hamish is 40 years old, but Jacob Fitzroy might not have even crossed 30.

However, his actual age has not been updated. 

Is Jacob Fitzroy On Wikipedia? 

No, Jacob Fitzroy is not on Wikipedia. 

Whereas his boyfriend, Hamish Macdonald, is featured on Wikipedia. Here is Hamish's biography on Wikipedia.

Jacob Fitzroy's Parents 

As of many Jacob's details, there is no lead on the information on his parents. 

Fitzroy has not brought up or mentioned his family in the news outlets or on social media. 

What Is Jacob's Net Worth? 

The official announcement of Jacob Fitzroy's net worth has been issued.

His earnings are still under review. We will again check and update our article and update our beloved readers once the official and accurate details of Jacob Fitzroy's net worth come out. 

Jacob Fitzroy's Instagram

People were thrilled when they could not trace Jacob Fitzroy on Instagram. 

It was quite unexcited for most of the people as they were sure Jacob had an Instagram account. 

Jacob and his partner, Hamish, have abstained from using social media. They have no social media accounts. We tried to search their Twitter, but sadly they were not on Twitter. 

The couple has faced much abuse on social media as they were too open about their relationship. Pictures which they had shared were uncomfortable, and many people harassed the love birds.