Jackson Guthy Parents, Age, Net Worth (Olivia Jade Boyfriend) Birthday

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Jackson Guthy Parents, Age, Net Worth (Olivia Jade Boyfriend) Birthday

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I hope you have some knowledge about the Operation Varsity Blues. After all, the scandal has been hitting the news al around the world for some time in the past days.

However, we will not be focusing on the scandal itself. Well, that’s because that’s not what we are here for. Rather we are here to discuss Olivia Jade‘s boyfriend Jackson Guthy.

Now, you might be confused about the connection of these people with the scandal we were talking about previously. So let us just make something clear, Olivia has some sort of involvement in the whole scandal. What is it? Well, we leave that for you to research. After all, we can’t tell you everything.

Who is Jackson Guthy?

Music lovers may not be unfamiliar with the name Jackson. Why? That’s because he is a popular American singer and songwriter. You can find a lot about his works on his Wikipedia. Want to visit? Well, here is the link.

In addition to that, he was an opening act on Big Time Rush’s ‘Better with you’ North American tour along with One Direction.

Now don’t say you don’t know One Direction. Well, it doesn’t matter to me. But it could piss their fans though.

That’s who Jackson is from a professional point of view. But as you all know we like to see people from different perspectives. What’s the other perspective then?

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Well, he is the boyfriend of the popular Youtube celebrity Olivia Jade. We will be talking more about it in later sections. You just need to be patient enough to read this article to the end. Hope you could do that without any difficulty.

Age: 23 years

Jackson Guthy is not much old. Born on 19 March 1996, he is just 23 years of age as of August 2019.

However, his relationship with music is almost as old as he is. Don’t get confused. We just wanna say that he started music at a very young age. Records say that the singer started playing music at just 2.

That makes me ask you, what were you doing when you were that age? Maybe running on the streets naked.

Who are Jackson Guthy Parents?

Have you ever looked at a pic of Jackson Guthy and thought ‘He looks really rich.’ Well, he doesn’t only look rich. He is a rich person.

After all, he is the son of billionaire parents. His mother, Victoria Jackson, is a Hollywood make-up artist turned entrepreneur. She is the founding CEO of Victoria Jackson cosmetics.

His father, Bill Guthy, on the other hand, is the part-owner of Guthy-Renker LLC.

Net Worth

Although his parents are billionaires, we don’t know the net worth of Jackson as of now.

Olivia Jade Boyfriend

If you are reading this section, then you are really patient. Congratulations on that.

As we have already discussed, Jackson is the boyfriend of the Youtube star Olivia Jade. Olivia takes herself as a victim of the scandal we were talking about at the beginning if you still remember.

After the events of the scandal, jade has been in a hiding with her boyfriend, the report tells us.