Jack Dorsey | Biography

Jack Dorsey born on November 19, 1976 in Missouri, United States is popularly known as the creator of Twitter, Inc. He is also the founder and CEO 0f Square, an online payment mobile company. Belonging to American nationality and Caucasian ethnicity, he grew up in St. Louis. He was raised Catholic. He was destined to become a computer wiz. He always had the interest in the computer and communication during early years of his life. He had attended Bishop DuBourg High School. He later joined Missouri University of Science and Technology to study further but then discontinued there and transferred to New York University.


The very talented and brainy Jack Dorsey had actually started programming during his High School years only. Back in 2000, while he was only fifteen, he founded software that allows sending messages from the Web in order to find a taxi, which is still used by some of the taxicab company today. Later, came the foundation of one of the most popular social networking sites of today’s time, twitter. He started the company named “Obvious” with his other two partners Stone and Odeo, which later evolved as “twitter”. The primary idea behind the “twitter” was to update what they were doing through a simple sms. Dorsey became the Chef Executive Officer for the same. It was opened to public only in July 13, 2006. Twitter instantly became a major hit because of its ease of use. Even the Hollywood A-List celebs and personalities went on to become their regular users. Millions of people today have a twitter account; it has become an integral part of their lives. According to the reports, in 2010 only, twitter had more than 105 million users. Twitter’s popularity is something unmatchable. But Dorsey is not satisfied yet. He has laid his eyes on other projects too. He launched a new venture, Square in 2010. It is actually a device that allows people to receive credit card payments through a tiny device plugged into their mobile or computers. He’s born genius and continues to do so.


At present, he is enjoying a happy feet with all of his success. The techical guru Dorsey is all single. He has not married any woman and therefore, does not have a wife. He has never been through divorce and all. He is taking his time to find the perfect match for himself. He’s always packed with projects and new ideas; he does not have time to think about starting a family and all of that. However, it was rumored that he’s dating a top-model Lily Cole. The pictures of them getting cozy on a luxury yacht was circulated all over in the media. However, nothing’s sure as if he plans on to tie the knot with the gorgeous head turner, Lily. At present, he does not have any children of his either.


He’s one of the young billionaires of present times. At just the age of thirty six, the man has the estimated net worth of $ 2.1 billion dollars. That is a huge amount of fortune. It takes a lifetime to make that wealth but Dorsey is just exception. He’s a successful entrepreneur. Despite of dropping out of college and not receiving his degree, he’s set the standards for the new aspiring generation at a whole new level. He’s not a salaried employee, he’s a business man and that too, massive.


The detailed information about his life and professional highs can be obtained from wiki. He has always remained humble in spite of all these huge success. In 2012, he was awarded with “Innovator of the Year” for technology from The Wall Street Journal. He has also been labeled as Time’s Magazine’s 100 most influential people. He’s always had that vision and quality of a leader. He was born to lead and so he did. He’s an inspiration to many, who wants to build a career as an entrepreneur.