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Izzy Stannard Age/Birthday/Date of Birth: Izzy aka Isaiah Stannard is 15 years old in 2019, and he celebrates his birthday on October 1, 2004.

Izzy Stannard/Isaiah Stannard Wikipedia

Izzy Stannard aka Isaiah hasn’t Wikipedia profile updated yet. Izzy won the heart of national audience with his exceptional screen presence in the role of Mae Whitman on-screen daughter Sadie Marks.

Is Izzy Stannard Boy or Girl? What is Isaiah’s Gender?


Izzy Stannard’s gender is not yet identified and is kept hidden. Izzy is an emerging American actor, most venerated for his appearance in ‘Good Girls’.

Izzy Stannard/Isaiah Stannard Height – 5 Feet 3 Inches (1.60 m)

Izzy Stannard is tall with a height of 5 Feet 3 Inches (1.60 m). He became a nation heartthrob when he hit the screen in a feminine role of Sadie Marks.

Adorably cute and charming, he is one of the few guys who come in a complete package of talent with good looks.

Izzy is a fine-looking young guy with spell bounding good looks and stylish persona.

Everything about him comes to be the best and nothing less. Shrewd, flamboyant, confident and audacious, words come short in the description of his breathtaking looks and personality.

He might be elegantly boyish but his sureness and spirit are no less than a matured man who forever sticks by his word.

With a glossy blonde hair, sweet smile, and smoldering eyes, he makes the distinctive man of all and thus ladies can’t get enough of this star.

There are millions of young girls in the States and around the world who chivalrously adores and cherishes Izzy and doesn’t get drained of praising him. Sublimely handsome, Izzy is just getting better with time.

He has grown to become finer and fabulous with each passing time and looks more generous than before. Unlike many other children, he is surprisingly approachable and amiable with his co-stars on the set.

Highly spirited and fun-loving, he is also making a pleasant atmosphere on the set with his presence.

When not filming, he is enjoying his time with his cousins of the same age. He often posts a pic of him hanging and partying with his friends and cousins.

In his downtime, Izzy visits distant exotic places and the beach with his parents.

Izzy Stannard aka Isaiah Parents, Family and Siblings

Izzy was born and raised in New York City.

Since he prefers and refers to a low key profile, there is nothing much known about his pre-early childhood and parents.

Despite being underneath the light of media for quite a time now, he hasn’t fairly spoken or talked about it.

Izzy is too young to be in dating and relationships affairs. Young and Hansome, Stannard has not revealed his information relating to his girlfriend or boyfriend.

In spite of being young, he is focused and serious on making a robust career in acting.

Appreciating the technological advancement and benefits of social media, he uses Instagram to offer a glimpse of his life without putting much on exposure.

Where does Izzy go for School? His Education and Student Life

With so much of mystery going on with regard to his private life, it was a relief to know his educational background and academic qualification.

As growing up in New York City, he attends the Professional Performing Arts School, where trains at voice and dance.

Too young to get married now, Izzy is currently relishing his childhood in a best possible way. With a budding career in acting and pleasant childhood, marriage comes no near in his life as of now.

Movies and TV Shows – Good Girls

Stannard is most celebrated for his character as Sadie Marks in NBC’s ‘Good Girls’. Apart from the NBC comedy-drama, he has also starred in ‘Brad Status’

Izzy, being passionate and fervent about drama and acting started doing gigs and stage shows since early childhood.

He was playing the character of Charlie in a school play at ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Career Timeline:

  • 2017: Guest-starred in comedy-drama film ‘Brad’s Status

Performing small shows and voice-overs of fictional characters as well as cartoon characters, he paved his way to the mainstream acting.

Few of the people may recollect him as a voice of Carl Sagan in a short film ‘Star Stuff’ but many of them recognize him as Sadie in ‘Good Girls’.  

When people saw a young Izzy portraying the challenging and perplexing girlish character of Annie and Gregg’s daughter Sadie Marks, in NBC’s crime drama ‘Good Girls’, it left them completely awe-struck.

They just couldn’t believe the amazing talent coming from such young guy and in no time he rose to become popular amid viewers.

Since then, he has been unstoppable with no look back. He just seems to have become a complete grown man with great knowledge of acting, following which he also bagged a role in Mike White comedy-drama ‘Brad’s Status’ and ‘Party Dress’.

Izzy Stannard Net Worth and Salary – How Much is Izzy Stannard Net Worth?

Izzy Stannard net worth and salary are yet to be counted. Izzy’s estimated fortune and salary per annum are yet to be revealed. Since he hasn’t spoken about his pay cheque publicly, his fortune is yet a mystery to his fans.

He may be young but has a thriving career which can put many A-listers to shame.

  • Net Worth: N/A
  • Salary: N/A

But with a flourishing career and lucrative signing deals in the industry for quite a time now, he is most likely to have collected handsome net worth.