Is Zeeko Zaki Married? Zeeko Zaki Wife and Height Facts :: Bio, Net Worth

Is Zeeko Zaki Married? Zeeko Zaki Wife and Height Facts :: Bio, Net Worth

Zeeko Zaki is an actor from the famous CBS show ‘F.B.I‘. As the name sounds, he is a follower of Islamic beliefs and proud of his religion.

The Egypt-born star has amazed the fans and followers with his extraordinary acting skills and notable physique.

Zeeko made his name after capturing a lead role in ‘F.B.I’. However, he had already been part of the recurring roles in other drama series.

Mostly, he plays in the crime drama series as a detective or an officer. Apart from his career, there is more to his personal life and experiences.

Here are all the facts about his marriage, wife, height, bio, and net worth.

Zeeko Zaki Wife and Girlfriend: Is He Married?

Zeeko has been into acting since his high school days. However, he professionally commenced his career in theatre.

He is a hard worker and struggled to make his presence known. He has been in the camera for many years and involved in on-screen romance.

However, outside the camera, he keeps a very low profile on his romantic life.

Zeeko Zaki has not shared any identities of his wife, partner or girlfriend.

Once, he shared a photo mentioning someone as ‘Bae’ but there was only a hand in the camera. Therefore, it’s next to impossible to find information about his girlfriends.


Likewise, there are also no records of him tieing the knot with anyone. We just hope he shares that private information very soon eventually sharing the vows.

Some fans even predict him to be gay after a photo on Instagram. Apparently, he was on a gay parade but he was just taking part to support them. Therefore, the rumors were false.

Zeeko Zaki Is 6 Feet 5 Inches Tall With A Robust Physique – His Height Facts

It may sound normal for an actor to be physically fascinating. However, every one of them is not like Zeeko Zaki.

Standing 1.98 m tall with 113 Kg weight, Zeeko looks like a football or Rugby player. Zeeko is 29 years old as of 2019.

He has a lead role in CBS show FBI- Bio

Born on January 18, 1990, he is a native from Alexandria, Egypt. Zaki and his family emigrated to West Chester, Pennsylvania.

He was raised in the United States by his mother Emon Zaki and father Sherif Zaki.


Sherif is a hairstylist and Emon manages the hair salon in West Chester. Both of his parents have been working there since Zaki was a child.

After completing his high school from Unionville High School, he joined theatre for acting. Briefly, he attended Temple University but quit focusing on his acting career.

After some of his theatre roles, he went to act on Tv in 2012. He had a role in one of the episodes of ‘Homeland‘.

Later, he also had roles in ‘Revolution’, ‘Six’, ’24: Legacy’, ‘NCIS: LA’, ‘The Night Shift’, ‘The Inspectors’, and ‘The Game’.

Likewise, he also featured in ‘FBI’, ‘FBI: Most wanted’, ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Under the Dome’.

Moreover, he has also featured some roles in films like ‘Max’, ‘Tuesday’, ‘Stuck in Love’, ‘Allegiant’, and ‘Escape Plan 2’.

Zeeko Zaki has a net worth of $2 million in 2019

According to wealtholino.com, Zaki has a net worth of approximately $2 million. The star is just 29 years old so, the amount will be rising near future.


Zeeko Zaki came into the spotlight in 2018 despite his few roles previously. Likewise, he has already made a fortune amount of money in a short time.

It’s not surprising that his net worth will be multiplying every year ahead.