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Is Poppy Harlow Pregnant 2019 With Husband Sinisa Babcic? Her Baby Due Date, Weight Gain
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Is Poppy Harlow Pregnant 2019 With Husband Sinisa Babcic? Her Baby Due Date, Poppy Harlow Weight Gain, Daughter Sienna Babcic. Read Also:-

Poppy Harlow is one of the famous names on CNN. She is currently an anchor for CNN Newsroom which delivers daily New York News. Her career as a television journalist has served her fame, money, and reputation of course.

Poppy Harlow, 37 married to Sinisa Babcic and has 2 children together. Her daughter Sienna,3 and son, Luca,1 are adorable. The children always keep her down to earth.

Recently, people have started talking about Poppy’s pregnancy a lot. Although there is no confirmed information on this matter, people think that Poppy is expecting her 3rd child.

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Is Poppy Harlow pregnant for the third time? Her pregnancy details-due date

Regarding the pregnancy news, Poppy has not given any statement as of now. While many have speculated that she could be pregnant with her husband, Sinisa Babcic, none of them have confirmed this news.

But looking at the fact that, her daughter and her son have only some months of age-gap, we can expect that the news of her pregnancy could be true in some sense.

On the other hand, considering her son is still a toddler, she might be thinking of now giving birth to another child anytime soon.

Poppy’s daughter Sienna was born in April 2016 and her son, Luca was born in February 2018. 

About Poppy’s past pregnancies


Poppy who is a mother of 2, feels so lucky to have these kids in her life. She was still working while she was pregnant with both of her kids. During her first pregnancy, while she was live on CNN television, Poppy passed out following a sudden change in her voice.

Although CNN did not show the moment while she fainted on the video, her voice changed from being clear to completely unclear.  These kinds of things are not abnormal during pregnancies though.

She was pregnant with her 2nd child a year after the birth of her first child.

Poppy Harlow’s weight gain after pregnancy

Weight gain following the pregnancy is not a new thing. While some mothers remain as they were before, some bear changes in their appearances to a greater extent.

Poppy who was slim before her first child had a visible weight-gain after her first child.

Image result for Poppy Harlow before kids
Poppy Harlow Before her first pregnancy

However, weight gain has not been a demerit for her as she continues to exercise and remain fit. Although her weight gain is visible, her body is still fit.

Poppy Harlow: Her Bio

Poppy Harlow was born on May 2, 1982, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA as Katharina Julia Harlow. Her father James Lee Harlow died when she was 15 years old. She graduated in Political Science from Columbia University ad then started her career in journalism.

Her first job after graduation was for an American website as an assistant producer. Then, Video NetWork hired her in 2007. She used to cover entertainment, fashion, and business news as a part of her job.

Thereafter, she came into the notice of CNN and finally got a ticket to one of the most renowned TV NetWork in /America. She started working for CNN since 2012.

Her experience at CNN started from the correspondent to an important anchor of the team. She has reported and covered several news. From working at to CNN, she has evolved effectively as a journalist as well as a human being.

Poppy is on Instagram and she posts about her time with family and also about her work on Instagram. She is also on Twitter. In addition to this, she has a Wikipedia page that includes more details about her.