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Is Noen Eubanks Gay or Straight or Sexuality? Noen Eubanks Height, Age,
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Noen Eubanks is another one of those polarizing figures these days and I am really using the word polarizing in a comedic sense here. He’s a Tik Tok star and social media personality. So, many people don’t get that and are really down- talking towards that and he’s also got a thing with his hair and accessorizing. So, people think that he’s gay.

Well, at least there’s always a question about his sexuality wherever his name comes. Honestly, it should all just be okay but this is the world we live in. He has a Youtube channel, a Tik Tok account, a Tumblr account and is present in social media of all kinds possible. That’s why he’s famous amongst the youngsters but some people have trouble being comfortable getting around the idea of a Tik Tok star who has beautiful hair.

Is Noen Eubanks Gay or Straight- His Sexuality?

When it comes to his sexuality, we just don’t know if Noen is gay or straight. Although he gives off those kinda vibes with his pink hair and bold sometimes flamboyant fashion choice, it’s none of our business to comment on that.

He is really pretty and might be turning some people gay- that’s for sure. But the way I see it- there are 7 billion lives on earth and they all can choose to live their life the way they want to, there should be no judgment.

So, where does that leave us? Yeah! He might be gay or not. We don’t know and whatever he is, that’s alright.

Noen Eubanks Age 18 years


Noen Eubanks is currently just 18 years of age. And, that’s the magic of the Internet now. Somebody can be 18 and can express their feelings and work to the world.

He was born on May 2, 2001, and if you care, his zodiac sign is Tauras.

Noen Eubanks Height

The details of Noen’s height are not known to the world. And when I mean details, I mean his height, weight, and other body measurements. He looks skinny, kinda toned on his Instagram posts and if you can decipher someone’s height from their picture, you’re welcome to try here. I am just kidding, he doesn’t have even one full-length picture. So, just look at this and admire his piercing jawline.

Noen Eubanks Social Media Presence

Noen is present in all the social media sites and he has a lotta content to offer. I mean if you like it, you ca enjoy all the things he does. If you don’t, then good for you.

If you wanna see his Youtube Channel, here you go.

Again, if you wanna see his Instagram posts, here you go.

If you are more of a Tik Tok person, he’s got you covered, just follow this link here.