Is Mary Austin Net Worth 80 Million? Know Her Husband and Children Family Details

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Is Mary Austin Net Worth 80 Million? Mary Austin, who inspired legendary rock band Bohemian Rhapsody’s songwriter Freddie Mercury, is rumored to possess the net worth of $80 million, however, the gushes haven’t been verified by any reliable source.

A long-time partner and best-friend of Freddie Mercury, she has been left a lavish home, Garden Lodge, of him while he also bestowed a major portion of his wealth to her despite their break-up. Austin still received his recording royalties and she was also given royalties from his blockbuster biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” released in 2018.

The “only friend of Freddie”, she accepted to be with him as a close friend even after the rockstar revealed his sexuality in December 1976. Started dating after meeting via guitarist Brian May in the early 70s, Freddie opened that he was dating a male working at Elektra Records as a record executive after which was full stop in their long-term romantic relationship.

After break up, Freddie purchased a home for Austin as they still shared an amicable relationship while the lead singer of Queen also told that it was impossible to replace Austin by anyone and called her his “common-law spouse” and for him, it was a marriage.

Moreover, Freddie also composed various songs for her including “Love of My Life” which is a song from 1975 album of rock band Queen. Austin was really inerasable part of his life who had the right to choose his final home Garden Lodge located in Logan Place, Kensington.

While Austin also stuck to her then-lover during his hard times and when he wasn’t famous as she accompanied Freddie selling second-hand dresses in Kensington Market, at that time he also worked with several bands. As per his pals, he is described as a shy and calm man who possesses an avid passion for music.

Separated by the sexuality of Freddie, Austin was present with him when he was in deathbed after being diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia as a complication of AIDS. She nursed him until his last breath despite her was married to another man named Piers Cameron.

Their personal lives and relationship didn’t hinder them to stay together as a best friend and a particular soothe in Freddie’s life until his death on 24 November 1991. Despite being engaged to an Irish hairstylist Jim Hutton during his last days, he bequeathed his home to Austin.

As per the last wish of Freddie, his youth love Austin took ownership of his cremated remains and inter them in a secret place which she has told to never disclose the location. All we are assured after reading the love story of them is that it is almost impossible to find such pure love these days that came despite their differing sexuality.

Mary Austin Husband – Piers Cameron and Children

Mary Austin is married twice and has 2 children from her first marriage. Mary was first married to husband Piers Cameron from 1990 to 1993 and later married Nicholas Holford, but her marriage with Holford was annulled in 2002.

Her eldest son Richard is the godson of her lifetime love, Freddie Mercury.

Mary Austin Family Details

Mary Austin has revealed a few details about her family. She was born in Fulham, London in 1951 in a middle-class British family.

She picked various jobs in her teenage to support her studies and living.

She was just 18 when she met her partner Freddie Mercury who was just a 23-years-old freshly graduate then.