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The news of Marnie Simpson pregnant with Casey Johnson has almost taken over the internet along with major media in the United States. The gorgeous “Celebrity Big Brother” star announced her pregnancy in April 2019 with heartthrob Johnson whom she met while starring in the dating reality series “Single AF”.

She is expected to give birth to her first child in October this year as she is currently pregnant for four months. Marnie also disclosed that she was worried about her reproductive health and fertility due to her long-time alcohol consumption.

Moreover, she also openly revealed that she underwent an abortion when she was 19, however, she still has no regret for that incident yet as she had no other options then along with other problems like scarcity of money and unemployment. Whatever happened in the past, she is recently all excited to become a mother which is the biggest joy of any woman’s life to cherish.

On the other hand, her partner and dad-to-be, Johnson, is equally overwhelmed about being parents. In late 2018, Marnie told that she wanted to begin a family with her boyfriend while telling that she is also a bit concerned about time spent in Geordie Shore might have introduced some problems in her reproduction capability.

Eventually, all her problems and concerns went in vain and we are absolutely happy for them.

Marnie Simpson Age

According to the Wiki of Marnie Simpson, she was born on 17 January 1992 that makes her current age 27. On her late twenties, she has already amassed enough fame and fortunes along with starting a family life with her recent pregnancy news.

Blessed with ethereal beauty and seductive personality, her pregnancy has brought some pleasing changes in her appearance as she looks healthier and beautiful than ever with that rosy glow in her skin and charm. Despite her natural beauty, she also underwent plastic surgery of her lips.

Quite different from a typical English beau, she has sparkling hazel eyes, shiny black long hair, and fair skin tone.

Marnie Simpson Married


Marnie Simpson hasn’t got married to any man until the date, despite, her long dating history. Currently four months pregnant with her boyfriend Casey Johnson, she hasn’t dropped a hint about marrying “X Factor” star any soon.

The former “Geordie Shore” star is living together with her man in a house in Newcastle, England that they purchased together in November 2017 shortly after confirming their relationship in July that year. She has been loyal to him since earlier as there has barely been heard any rumors of her extra flings with any other guys.

We just wish for the successful delivery of the first baby of Marnie along with suggesting her to marrying soon with Johnson who has managed to stay with her in her thick and thin.

Marnie Simpson Height – 5 Feet 4 Inches (1.62 m)

Marnie Simpson stands with a height of 5 feet 4 inches and had a weight of 56 kilos which has escalated due to her pregnancy recently. Widely famous in social media, she has appealing looks and curvaceous figure with plump lips and high cheekbones.