Is Kirsten Storms Pregnant? Maxie General Hospital Weight Gain 2019 (Kirsten Storms Baby)

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Is Kirsten Storms Pregnant? There are several rumors of Kirsten Storms pregnancy after she became pregnant in the show ‘General Hospital.’ Well, is the news true?

Is the American actress Kristen Storms expecting her second child? The answer to that question is NO.

Kirsten Storms, 35, has revealed through her Instagram recently that she is not pregnant in real life.

Maxie General Hospital Weight Gain 2019 (Kirsten Storms Baby)

After there were several posts from her fans online began pointing about her supposed weight gain in 2019, Kristen mostly recognized as Maxie from General Hospital had this to say for these comments about her weight gain to all the people that pointed out: “If you wouldn’t say something to a person on the street, don’t say it to someone online. It’s still rude… So no, the reports about Kirsten Storms’ baby on the way is totally not true. 

The rumors of Kristie were bound to circulate on the internet as she had got pregnant in the show ‘General Hospital.’ Many fans believed that the creators of the show had to make her character in the show pregnant because she was pregnant in real life. Although in most cases this speculation is true, it is not the case in case of Kristen Storms. Looks like she became pregnant in the show because of her story arc and not because she got pregnant in her real life. The rumors about her pregnancy were also based on the fact that Kristen’s multiple breaks from the show ‘General Hospital.’ 

Kirsten Storms who has been a regular face in the American television scene is mostly known for her role as Maxie Jones in the show ‘General Hospital.’ The show has been in the air for a long time now. It began back in 2005. As of now, Kristen has appeared in more than eleven hundred episodes. Yes, that’s right over 1100 episodes. Crazy!! This is not her only TV appearance. She has more than 25 credits for her other big screen as well as television appearances.

Kirsten Storms has previously been pregnant with her first child, daughter Harper. She gave birth to Harper when she was in a relationship with Brandon Barash. Brandon is her ex-husband who is a fellow American actor. His most notable works have come in movies and television shows like ‘Days of Our Lives’, ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘Major Crimes’, ‘Tell Me You Love Me.’

Both Kirsten Storms and Brandon worked in the show ‘General Hospital.’ It is there where the pair’s relationship blossomed. They later married in June 2013 in a secret wedding ceremony. The relationship came to an end in 2016 after they filed for a divorce. They share a daughter from this relationship. Kirsten Storms’ baby girl Harper is all grown up and is 5 years old now. The parents have decided to raise their child together even after their separation for the sake of their daughter. Hence, they have a healthy relationship after the divorce.

Kirsten Storms has been dating Elias Paul Reidy who is a musician. Fans speculated that Kirsten Storms and Elias were expecting their first baby from their relationship. However, it is not the case.