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Is Jihyo Dating With Kang Daniel Now? Boyfriend Daniel Height, Age & Wiki Details
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I don’t have any idea about what you think about the Korean people. But I find them really cute and sweet. However, I am not referring to Kim Jong-un when I say this.

Nowadays, Korean drama and music are attracting a lot of people. And people are absolutely loving it. Well, there are some people who don’t give a damn about it. But that doesn’t matter.

Jihyo is a name that may not be new to the fans of Korean music. After all, she is a popular actress and model from South Korea. And she is one of the members of the girl group TWICE.

So what are we talking about her in this article? Well, all those regular stuff that we do daily. Boyfriend, age, height and such regular things.

Is Jihyo Dating With Kang Daniel Now? Boyfriend Daniel

I don’t know why people are so much interested in other people’s personal matters. But that seems to be the nature of people.

You might know Kang Daniel as the winner of Produce 101 season 2. However, he is more than that. He is a famous singer from South Korea.

So the rumours are that Kang Daniel and Jihyo are dating. We are not just bluffing when we tell you this. There are pieces of evidence that support this.

According to Soompi, the agents of these two stars confirmed that the two are meeting each other with interest.

Now, we don’t know what they mean by interest. That may be a common professional interest. But we will just go with the fact that they have a personal interest in each other.

Jihyo Wiki


She is a popular singer. So there is no lack of information on her out there. We’ll just go through some basic facts here.

  • Her birth name is Park Jisso. however, most people know her by her stage name Jihyo. Short and sweet.
  • She was born on the first of February 1997.
  • She is the leader of the famous Korean K-pop girls group that goes by the name TWICE. You might know the name.
  • The group has released a number of popular songs and have won a number of awards for them. Believe me, they are really quite popular.

That’s some basic info. We’ll go through more info in the coming sections.

Jihyo Age: 22 years

As we have already talked, Jihyo was born on February 1 1997. So, she is 22 years old right now.

But age doesn’t matter if you have talent. She is living proof of this statement.

Height: 1.62 m

The 22 years old Korean beauty stands 1.62 m tall, as the information goes. That is about 5 feet 4 inches if you are a feet and inches person.

You have seen her pic. You can’t say she doesn’t look pretty.