Is Jace Norman Gay? Haircut, Age, Height, Girlfriend 2019, Dating, Family, Parents

Is Jace Norman Gay? Haircut, Age, Height, Girlfriend 2019, Dating, Family, Parents. Jace Norman – you might recognize him as a full-fledged teenager named Henry Hart/Kid Danger on comedy series, ‘Henry Danger’. A Nickelodeon star, Jace, who started acting in 2012 as a 12-year-old on Disney’s TV series, ‘Jessie’, is already a recipient of two Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male TV Star.   

Is Jace Norman Gay? Does he have a Girlfriend?

The gossips about Jace being gay have been bouncing around the internet in recent years! But, most of the rumors about his sexuality seem to come from a new storyline of ‘Henry Danger’, where his character Henry is secretly in love with his best friend, Jasper.

Jace’s private nature has also fueled the speculation, but that’s common nowadays—specifically when the star willingly remains tight-lipped about their love life. Meanwhile, as per the ‘word on the street’, this young actor doesn’t mind the free press and rumors on his sexuality.

On the contrary, Jace, who isn’t legal enough to order alcohol or drive, is just too young to be dating! But, he can be seen sharing a cozy picture with his female friends, but nothing seems to be that serious to tag them as his ‘girlfriend’. For now, he is just enjoying the teenage and single life!

Jace Norman’s Parents, Siblings, and Family

Born to very supportive parents, Jace Norman is the youngest of three siblings. Originally from Corrales, New Mexico, his family moved to Southern California when he was eight.

Siblings to Xander and Glory Norman, he earned his breakthrough role in 2014 as a title character in ‘Henry Danger’. Having started out as a child actor, it’s unknown if he is receiving formal education while continuing with acting career. Also, the identity of his parents’ isn’t revealed in the media.

Jace, who is thoroughly known for his career, recently gave his theatrical movie debut roughly 3-years back as well as the lead voice-over actor in the 2017’s animated film, ‘Spark’. And, staying true to his roots, he has further appeared in two Nickelodeon original films, ‘Rufus’ and ‘Splitting Adam’.     

Jace Norman Height – 5 feet 7 inches and Famous Haircut

Popular for his immense social media presence, Jace is one handsome teenager with athletically built and decent height. Possibly the most solely good-looking young actor in the game, Jace Norman towers 5 feet 7 inches above the ground, but his height is expected to increase in coming years. 

Growing up in the public eye, we all noticed his transition from a child actor to a handsome teenager with great dressing sense. And, another thing that was quite noticeable throughout the years was his ever-changing haircut. From slicked back hairdo to classic-coif and grunge-casual, he always garnered attention with his blonde locks!

Jace Norman Age/Birthday and Date of Birth – 19 Years

Born in 2008, Jace celebrates his birthday each year on March 21 and is just a few days away from hitting his 19. A tween heartthrob with envious cheekbone, flirtatious smile, and sexy pair of blue eyes is ready to make a girl swoon with his undeniable allure.

Owning the fitness game, this 18-year-old boy has been keeping his physique intact with gym session and regular exercises. His clean-shaven oval face coupled with boy-next-door charm makes him more desirable and famous among females!