Is Elle Duncan Married to Husband Omar Abdul Ali? Is She Pregnant in 2019? How much is her ESPN’s Salary?

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Is Elle Duncan married to Husband Omar Abdul Ali? Is She Pregnant in 2019? How much is her ESPN's Salary?

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We all know about the popularity of sports. And with that comes sports journalism. Obviously, sports enthusiasts from all around the world like to know about the current sports news. That’s the reason sports journalism is gaining popularity in modern times.

Now, today we will be talking about one such person who related to sports Journalism. Elle Duncan ranks among the best when comes to sports journalism. Furthermore, she is also an excellent writer and actor as well.

In the coming sections, we will be talking about different aspects of Elle’s life. So just stick with us to the end if you are interested in knowing about her.

Is Elle Duncan Married to husband Omar Abdul Ali?

Everybody who knows Elle has an idea of her beauty and charm. So it is obvious that people want to know about her relationships and married life.

Apparently, it seems that our sports guru Elle Duncan is happily married. Who is her husband then?

Well, her husband’s name is Omar Ali. Although we do not have much information about Ali, the pics show that he is good looking. The couple seems to look good after all. Just look at their pic together if you don’t believe us.

As you can see in the pictures, Elle and Omar are with a child. Well, that little fellow is no one other than their own daughter.

The duo tied the marital knot in 2016. Before their wedding, they had been a serious long term relationship, our source tells us.

So far, their married life is going like a fairy tale. Well, that’s how it looks from the outside. We don’t know if they have any internal conflicts. There is no information about such events that have come into news till now.

Is Elle Duncan pregnant in 2019?

So we already talked about Elle’s daughter in the previous section. She was born on July 2018. Currently, she is about a year old.

Now, talking about her pregnancy in 2019, we do not have any valid information regarding that matter. As far as the information goes, we can assume that Elle is not pregnant currently.

After all, she is a popular celebrity. And if she was pregnant, the internet would be storming with the news. However, there is no news about such thing as of now.


We do not have official information regarding the salary of Elle. However, a source tells us that she earned an annual income of 500 thousand USD as a sports journalist in 2018. But there is no information about recent things.

Anyways, we can assume that the salary might have increased to some extent as of now. Also, she earns some amount as a writer and actor. That might be more than sufficient for her.

Apparently, the net worth of Elle Duncan is around $1 million USD, a source tells us.