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Is Dyllon Burnside Gay? Who is Dyllon's Boyfriend, Age, Height & Wiki
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Dyllon Burnside is a known name from a musical series Pose. This show was able to earn the nomination for the Global Globe Award for the Best Television Drama Series. He performed the role of Ricky Evangelista in the show. Dyllon as Ricky in Pose is a gay dancer.

Besides this, he also speaks against gender biases. His advocacy is that the focus should not be on people’s sexual preferences. Rather people should focus on the experience throughout the world, community, and mass.

Is Dyllon Burnside Gay?

Well, Dyllon has never spoken about him being gay. But people assume that he is. But, Dyllon has come in support of the LGBTQ community always. He belongs to the QUEER community. QUEER is the Q in the LGBTQ. They are a group of people who are not sure about their identity/sexuality.

In fact, Dyllon does not like people’s idea of masculinity. He thinks, a man can do anything a woman does and still be a man. Although he grew up in a family where the ideas were conservative, he managed to move out from there and do what he always wanted to do.

Back in the days, before coming to New York, he was also fired from a work at Church because of the assumption of him being gay. The people at church assumed he was gay just because he was walking with his gay friend.

Dyllon Burnside Boyfriend


People are often curious about Burnside’s love life. He is a good looking young man with sharp facial features.

Looking at him, we can stop ourselves from thinking that he might be dating someone. But, sadly, we do not know. He has been very much secretive about his personal life. He does not share much about his friends and closed ones.

Having said that, we know that Dyllon Burnside is the boyfriend of Ryan Jamaal Swain. Ryan plays the character of Damon in the show Pose. Ryan and Dyllon are dating, however only in the show.

How old is Dyllon Age?

Dyllon Burnside is a 30-year-old black American. But he looks too young for his age. He was born on January 27, 1989.

Born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, US, he spent his childhood in with his family.

He used to work in the farms along with his uncle, who is also his surrogate father.

What is Dyllon’s height?

Dyllon Burnside is as tall as 5 feet and 7 inches. He has a well-built body and looks extremely great in everything he wears. He posts many great photos on his Instagram.

Besides Instagram, he uses Twitter as well.

Dyllon’s Wiki

Dyllon started singing from the age of 12. Back in his hometown, he was a member of the boy band named 3D, along with his two cousins. Dyllon’s mother used to manage the band. He had been to few tours and performed in Madison Square Garden and The Nokia Theatre.

After almost 10 years in the band, he decided to escape from there. He started feeling the need to explore other forms of arts, He wanted to learn the arts that were less masculine to the world.

Thus, he started training for ballet dance. He took dancing and acting classes in New York. Also, he has studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies and Writing. He completed his bachelor from The New School.

Thereafter, he did a few theatre musicals. In 2014, he Holler If Ya Hear Me on Broadway. This was a Tupac-inspired musical. Moreover, he also took part in Peter Pan Live! Of NBC, High Maintainance of HBO. Also, he has performed on a few other musicals.

Besides all of these, he is popular for his latest show Pose. This show aired on FX Television.

About POSE (TV Series)

This show is about the LGBTQ  people of color. We can see the experiences of LGBTQs in the 1980s and 1990s in this show’s firsts and second seasons respectively. Now, since the 2nd season is over, this show is coming with its 3rd season as well.

The show became very popular among people of color.