Is Baby Lyssa Chapman Still Married to Brahman Galanti? Her Lesbian Partner Leiana Evensen Age, Net Worth and Family

Is baby Lyssa Chapman Still Married to Brahman Galanti? Her Lesbian Partner Leiana Evensen Age, Net Worth and Family

American TV personality Duane Chapman is a household name in the United States. The TV actor rose to fame with the reality TV series, Dog the Bounty Hunter. And in case, you are familiar with the TV series, you must be familiar with the name, Lyssa Chapman. The gorgeous blonde lady is none other than Duane’s daughter.

Stepping on his father’s shoes, Lyssa is also trying her luck in acting. Guess what, she didn’t disappoint, not at least her father.

In the family of celebrities, it’s normal for their kids to follow their path. Likewise, Lyssa Chapman did the same. Today, she has a fan base of her own, just like her father. For instance, there’s something similar among the daughter and father duo. Just like her father, Lyssa is also popular for her personal affairs.

Speaking of which, Lyssa was previously married to Brahman Galanti. Despite their divorce, they are still in speaking terms with each other. Thanks to which, many are mistaken as they are still together, for old sake.

Are they? Let’s find out in here.

Is Baby Lyssa Chapman Still Married to Brahman Galanti?

Lyssa Chapman might have found fame and success easily. But when it comes to marriage, the blonde lady isn’t that lucky. In fact, she has a fair share of ups and downs when it comes to her marriage with Brahman Galanti.

The former Dog Bounty Hunter alum married Brahman on 20 February 2009. She was only 22 years old, back then.

Unfortunately, they had to separate just after two years of their marriage. Their divorce was finalized in 2011. They have a child, a daughter together.

According to Lyssa, Brahman used to physically assault her which forced her to fly back to her parent’s home. Though, she didn’t charge him on violence.

The TV actress who turned writer with Walking on Eggshell had her first child the day after her fifteenth birthday.

According to, she convinced with a 24 years old man while she was only 14.

Her Lesbian Partner Leiana Evensen

Moving out of her troublesome marriage with Brahman Galanti, Lyssa Chapman found love with Leiana Evensen. What do you think, is Lyssa lesbian or straight?

Well, she has two babies so far, was married to a man and is currently dating a lady named Leiana. We let you decide whether she is lesbian or straight. But, here’s what she says about her sexuality.

In July 2018, Lyssa shared a picture of her with her doy. In the caption, she shares her conversation with the doy, where she reveals that she is a lesbian.

Moving on Lyssa and her partner are now together for several years. They are often seen on each other’s Instagram pages.

Moreover, according to sources, they are allegedly engaged but the date of their engagement isn’t public yet.

Lyssa Chapman Age: 32

Born on June 10, 1987, Lyssa Chapman is 32 years of age at present.

Despite rough adulthood, Lyssa grew up into a quite successful lady. She is a TV actor turned author and a mother of two.

Details About Her Net Worth and Salary

Lyssa generates her fortune through her acting career and book sales.

As of now, her net worth is estimated at $500 thousand.