Is Anne Hegerty Married? Her Net Worth, Husband, House & Salary Details

Is Anne Hegerty Married? Her Net Worth, Husband, House & Salary Detail

Britain’s television celebrity Anne Hegerty found early fame as a reporter and later earned recognition as a quizzer. But, who exactly is Anne Hegerty?

Anne – also known as ‘The Governess’ on ITV’s ‘The Chase’, has starred in ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Out of Here!’ last year. Leaving the show on the 5th-place, she showed everyone different part of her personality as she presented herself so bravely.

Now she’s appeared on ITV’s new show ‘Britain’s Brightest Family’ – up ahead, is everything you need to know about Anne.

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Is Anne Hegerty Married? Know her Husband

It remains a mystery if Anne Hegerty is single, taken or married. With no presence boyfriend or husband right now, she appears to be single and has perhaps never been married.

While Anne is popular as brainy cranium on ‘The Chase’, her love life was the hot topic on ‘I’m a Celebrity’.

She once mentioned that an anonymous person changed her Wiki profile, stating she wedded someone called Jake Hester.

According to the Thesun.co.uk, she revealed the on-going hoax on her appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, confirming she isn’t married. Anne, however, is content with her relationship status and doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy.

She is currently single and continues to turn heads with her slimmed-down figure at age 60. The ageless quiz champion has everyone tongue wagging over her newfound curvaceous figure in 2019.

The television celebrity lost significant pounds of extra weight while starring at ‘I’m a Celebrity’. During her days in the Australian jungle for the show, she relayed on a basic diet, eating rice and beans.

She is happy with her current figure, but, she believes that woman is beautiful in each color and every size. Ms. Hegerty is beautiful either way!

Anne Hegerty Net Worth and Salary

Anne Hegerty is Britain most recognized television personality and competitive quizzer, having appeared on ‘Mastermind’ twice.

As a fierce quiz personality, she has dominated English’s favorite early shows for years, earning a name of ‘The Governess’.

While she has enjoyed an impressive career graph, she has also managed to rack a lot of cash throughout the years.

As of 2019, Anne Hegerty’s net worth sits at around $3 million, Celebrity Net Worth estimates. The same site doesn’t claim the stats of her annual salary.

She has built her high 7-figure fortune from successful television appearances and prize money.

While she is famous for her appearance on ITV’s ‘The Chase’, she has also starred on a handful of other shows.

Her steely persona and viable nature made her a regular fixture on a small screen. She has starred on one episode of ‘Celebrity Juice’ followed by a guest appearance on ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’.

More lately, she appears as a host of the quiz show called ‘Britain’s Brightest Family’ on ITV. She started the respective hosting role from January 2018.

On the contrary, she is 60-year-old sexy spinster, who is showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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Anne Hegerty’s Wiki and House

Born in Westminster, London Anne currently resides in Manchester, England, where he owns a house. But the pictures of the house is nowhere to found.

According to her Wiki profile, Anne career began in the world of media personnel during the 1980s. She debuted as a feature writer & reported at the South Wales Argus in Newport, South Wales.

In 2005, she revealed that she suffered from a development disorder called Asperger Syndrome during an interview. The associate of the Catholic Writers Guild, she grew up in a strict Catholic family.