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“Is Amiyah Scott a man?” this question might have been creating a hurricane in your brain. No worries, your patience is no more going to be tested as today we are explaining about the life details of Amiyah Scott, her sexuality, love life, professional career, and many more queries regarding her existence.

So actually who is Amiyah Scott, a man or a woman? Well, Amiyah Scott is a transgender model and TV personality who changed her gender from male to female at the age of 15.

Born and raised as Arthur Scott, she went through partial transgender surgery when she was 15 and later underwent full transition surgery in 2002, appearing as a complete woman.

Born in New Orleans, Los Angeles, she discovered that she felt discomfort in her previous male physique and discussed it with her family.

But unfortunately, her family stood against her will to undergo transgender surgery after which she left her home at the age of 15 and took the surgery as she wished to.

However, even after receiving surgery and turning herself into a complete woman, she got bullied from the people around her and was criticized in place of getting support. Barely cared about people’s opinion, she began her career as a model ballroom dancer.

With her growing popularity, Amiyah was offered a role in the television reality show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2015 and became the first transgender woman to be featured in the show. Prior to starring in the show, she served as a makeup artist, event host, and model.

Following, Amiyah also appeared in the role of Cotton in the Fox television series “Star” by Lee Daniel which earned her intense fame as an actress. She was offered for the show through her Instagram where she was picked by Lee after his sister Lean Daniels showed Amiyah’s pictures on her Instagram.

Besides the name and fame Aliyah got from the show-biz, she has also amassed intense followers on her social media accounts with 1.6 million on her Instagram.

Amiyah Scott Boyfriend and Husband Info

Apart from Amiyah Scott gender, her boyfriend and husband info are also searched heavily on the internet. She has been known to have a romantic relationship with several guys including rappers who were reported to be gay.

Kept all of her love affairs and boyfriends away from the media and public, she openly confirmed her relationship with hair stylist Kellon Deryck in 2015. She also called Deryck in RHOA to appear as her lover, however, her love with the Boston hairstylist didn’t last long.

Currently, Amiyah is known to be dating Micah Dixon as they have also arrived together in the event that became trendy on the internet. The couple hasn’t got married yet, however, we hope to see them walk down the aisle very soon.

Amiyah Scott Net Worth – $1 Million Dollar


Amiyah Scott’s net worth is $1 million which she earned through her TV stint and modeling.

Best known for appearing in the TV show “RHOA” and “Star”, her struggle has paid off with overwhelming fame and wealth that has inspired other transgender people to come out of the closet.

Amiyah Scott Age – 31 Years Old

Amiyah Scott was born on 11 January 1988 that makes her current age 31.

She is a gorgeous transgender woman with an appealing curvaceous figure and tempting looks.

She stands with a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.76m) and weighs 65 kilos (143 lbs).