Ion Perez Vice Ganda Relationship – Age, Height, Family, Dating

Vice Ganda is a renowned Filipino stand-up comedian, television host, pop singer, and actor. Emerged into the scene as a singer Vice quickly rose to fame after performing uproarious acts and comedy gigs for The Library and Punchline.

Though no stranger to being in the media limelight and controversies, he has been recently making headlines in every magazines and tabloid following his secret romantic affair with astute model Ion Perez.

Ion Perez Vice Ganda Relationship

They certainly aren’t much interested in breaking the silence on their budding romantic affair at any time soon but Vice Ganda and her new flame Ion Perez looked a picture of a blissful couple in the snaps where they were noticeably into each other.

Their secret romance grasped the public attention after Vice was caught getting too intimate with her model boyfriend on camera. In the snap, the pair looked so smitten as if they were about to share a smooch while partying together.

Although it’s yet uncertain if they actually shared a kiss or not but Vice was certainly blushing and happier than ever with a big smile through the entire time.

As per the onlookers, the couple did seem to loom a romance as they were so loving and compassionate to each other the whole time. While the alleged couple is yet to speak on their relationship, their intimate snaps have the audience and media speculate that the two are an item.

Ion Perez Vice Ganda Age & Short Bio

Ion Perez, 28 is a rising Filipino model and entertainer best accredited from the noontime variety show ‘It’s Showtime’ presented by Vice Ganda. Along with the frequent host-judge and Greg Hawkins, he has also appeared in the 2018 MMGFF Fantastica men.

Vice, on the other hand, is a distinguished comedian and singer most acclaimed for his regular comedy routines where he presents the perfect combination of mockery and observational comedy.

Ion Perez Vice Ganda Family and Siblings

A native of Tondo, Manila, Vice was born youngest of five broods to Rosario Viceral and Reynaldo Viceral, a barangay captain. He was affectionately called ‘Tutoy’ by his parents and dear ones before he came out as gay.

Ganda was quite young when his father was brutally murdered after which his mom went abroad and work as a caregiver to financially support the family.

But as far as Ion Perez personal life is concerned, he has been notoriously confidential about it and hasn’t till date revealed details on his parents and childhood, leaving the audience in mystery.

Ion Perez and Vice Ganda Height and Body Stats

If there is one name that has been dominating the Filipino television today then it has to be Vice Ganda. Not only is he supremely talented but also has great looks complimented by sharp cheekbone, ever radiant beige skin complexion, and stylish blond hairdo, he looks so attractive that people can hardly take their eyes off from the TV screen.

With his ever-changing hairstyle, great fashion sense and revamped wardrobes, Vice ooze glamour and trademark sophistication that it’s impossible to ignore him.

Alike Vice, Ion is also quite fashionable with a thriving modeling career. He is visibly attractive and dashing with killer looks, mannish visage, and neat hairdo.

Fitness freak Ion has a ripped physique with six-pack abs, bulging biceps and triceps maintained through a hardcore fitness regimen and strict diet. Having inked tattoos in a selected part of his body including left arm, he often goes shirtless to flaunt it that for obvious drives women crazy.  

Ion Perez Vice Ganda Net Worth & Salary

The Filipino actor-singer Vice Ganda hasn’t yet disclosed his estimated net worth and annual earnings. But, with a successful career as a stand-up comedian and television presenter, he is anticipated to have banked a gigantic amount of fortune worth millions.

Vice has starred in various television sitcoms and commercially hit movies including ‘Maging Sino Ka Man: Ang Pagbabalik’, and ‘The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin’ which might have accumulated him a great deal of fortune. Her beau Ion also might have hoarded a colossal amount of fortune through his blossoming career in the fashion industry and television, though the exact figure hasn’t been disclosed yet.