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Making her hands in diverse of entertainment branches, the Norwegian born Ingrid Bolso Berdal has turned out to be a household name in her native country. She is a prominent actress holding further career in singing as well as movie producing. Working initially in a string of Norwegian films, the versatile actress later boomed her wings to the Hollywood projects.

Ingrid Bolso Berdal was born to her Norwegian parents on 2nd of March, 1980. He then was raised in her birth place of Utoy village, lying in the Inderoy municipality, Norway. Jovial since her babyhood, Ingrid began singing & studying music during her high school years. Following her graduation, she carried on her music learning at NTNU (the University of Trondheim), attending improvisation & jazz singing classes for 2 years. She then headed to the country’s capital, Oslo & was admitted at the Osli National Academy of Arts (KHiO), studying acting for 3 long years.

In her 2nd year at the KHiO, Ingrid Bolso Berdal portrayed Sofia & the title role in 2 different plays, “Platonov” & “Antigone”, respectively. During her last year, she portrayed The Girl & the title part in further 2 plays, “The Name” & “Hedda Gabler”, respectively. Since graduation, Ingrid has been working at the Oslo based The Norwegian Theatre. Behind her initial theatre year, the young lady was honored the Hedda Award pro Best Debut of the Year. Throughout her period at the Norwegian Theatre, the actress has landed roles on both contemporary & classical plays, including Shura & Sasha in the productions “Black Milk” (2007) & “Ivanoa”(2007), & the titled part in famous “Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy” (2008), all at the Det Norske Teatret. In the year 2013, she was seen in the Norwegian Theatre’s “Baby”, behind her performances in “The Experiment” (2010) & “Froken” (2011).

Spreading her acting wings, the stage actress concurrently landed roles on different TV programs & movies, additional to her stage acts. Though, she has not made much starring on television compared to her film roles, some of her most TV sitcoms count, “Codename Hunter” (2007), “Eve and Adam” (2007), “Hellfjord” (2012) & most recently “Westworld” (2015). Ingrid’s professional on-screen debut was at her 25, with a starring role in the short movie “Limbo”. The next year, she acquired her original lead role in the 2006 October launched Norwegian slasher movie “Cold Prey”, earning the Amanda Award for Best Actress. The actress has since made her appearances in 14 different films, counting the 3D action fantasy & adventure “Hercules” (2014), “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunter” (2013) by Tommy Wirkola & Chernobyl Diaries” (2012), a US disaster horror movie by Brad Parker. Reportedly, the actress is currently busy in the post production of her upcoming 2015 movie “Women for large men’s shirts”, where she will be seen in the role of Wanda As. Her additional venture for 2015 also includes her voice- over role in the short film “The Absence of Eddy Table”.

Many viewers say the actress bears an arresting resemblance to the Hollywood starlet Nicole Kidman. Poised with grace & natural charm, the actress has though remained mischievous concerning her private life biography; there is no doubt that there are numbers of males throughout the globe who go crazy for this Norwegian beauty. As the personal life of Ingrid has always remained far from the media & limelight, the actress has even succeeded maintaining the privacy. Her fans are yet unknown whether the Norwegian beauty is seeing someone or has already got married with children.


There are manifolds of the pages over internet which encompasses information concerning Ingrid Bolso Berdal, such as imdb, rotten tomatoes, famous birthdays & of course wiki. Additional to her official web sites, the actress as well reaches to her fans & admirers via her ongoing social networking accounts on facebook, twitter & instagram. She often uploads her newest gigs & flaunting pictures on those accounts.