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Ingrid Andress Age: Ingrid Andress first penned songs during her time at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

And after more than a decade now, the singer has found herself commercial success with debut single ‘Lady Like’.

Long before the single was dropped in 2019; it is topping the chart with million music listeners liking the track.

One of the promising country recording artists, Andress has rapt the whole world with her sweet melodic voice.

Her soulful-emotional music with moving lyrics and great stories behind have the audience fall in love with her tracks.

But despite the surging fame, Ingrid hasn’t had yet let her fans have an inside glimpse of her private life.

The singer-songwriter Ingrid Andress hasn’t even come out public with her actual date of birth and age leaving people in mystery.

Ingrid Andress Wiki & Bio

As an artist, Ingrid Andress has steadily shown growth from her time she scored a publishing deal. And she continues to sharpen her skills and craft versatile music with heart touching and evocative lyrics.

Ingrid who looks up to British singer Ed Sheeran hasn’t had yet got her wiki page just like her idol. But she is gradually making her way to the list of finest American country artist with great song choice.

Andress had started performing songs and playing piano more as a hobby in her childhood before it became her passion.

Ingrid was 16 when she chose to take her passion as a professional career. She went to Berklee College of Music and began writing and singing songs.

A short time later, her professor, Kara DioGuardi recommended Andress to have a career in music. She also helped her land a record deal that led her to relocate to Nashville.

Up until now, she has written songs for high-profile singers like Charli XCX, Alicia Keys, and Sam Hunt. In 2019, she was listed in 19 New Country Artists to Watch on Sounds Like Nashville.

Is Ingrid Andress Married? More updates on her Boyfriend and Husband


At the very moment, Ingrid Andress is paying all her attention in her rising music career. Signed a record deal with Warner Nashville/Atlanta Record, she is availing all her focus in writing new tracks.

It, therefore, seems like that the recording artist isn’t much interested in finding herself a boyfriend. It’s been a while for her in the music industry and not once has she sparked romance rumors.

Besides, Ingrid has not been snap with any suspicious hunky chap that instigates to be her boyfriend.

Unmarried till now, Ingrid Andress hasn’t had got a husband who could have otherwise accompanied her on the road during performances.

Ingrid Andress Family

The emerging country music artist Ingrid Andress was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She grew up in an outsized family alongside four siblings, three sisters and a brother.

Unlike most girls, Ingrid didn’t attend high school in her teens and instead received higher education at home.

Since her dad was a coach of the Colorado Rockies, the forthcoming was quite good in sports as well.

Ardent to join Berklee College, Ingrid dropped out from playing sports and instead enrolled at Berklee College of Music.