Ines Rau Partner Staiv Gentis, Check Age, Height, Wiki, Measurements

It’s not been too long for their relationship but Ines Rau affair her with partner Staiv Gentis has been the most significant. They are like the cutest and most adorable couple that one can ever witness on the planet.

The Playboy model compliments her new boyfriend Staiv so incredibly well that it makes the audience believe that the two are meant to be with each other.

Who is Ines Rau new partner? Are they still together?

Ines Rau has had an amazing time over the years has withstood growth in both professional and love life. It seems like the model has finally found the love of her life with boyfriend Staiv Gentis as she has been dating the actor since 2015.


The inseparable bond and connection with, one another is so apparent that even fans are convinced that pair will definitely make it till the end.

While it’s still unclear how the two first met each other, they have been romantically involved since 2015 and are still going as strong as ever.

Enough of their cute moments and glimpse of a private life corroborated through pics on Instagram proves that the couple is really living the time of their life.

Ines partner of three years is a trained martial artist, actor, and a professional stuntman. He has also modeled for various magazines and brands including MenHealth while has been interviewed by WWD.

Playboy Model Ines Rau Age/Height

Born on March 17, 1990, French fashion model Ines Rau current age is 29. She is bombshell beauty with drop-dead good looks, glam appearance, and natural aura that has the men drooling over.

The 29-years-old model is truly stunning and charismatic with dreamy looks, magnetic charm, physical sex appeal and most of all a towering height of 5 feet 9 inches.

Her tanned skin complexion with perfect physical traits, sharp jawline, and compelling smile has made people go crazy over.

Being a fashion model, it’s really no surprise that she has got an enviable body with taut abs which really demands a lot of time at the gym with routine workout and strict diet.

Ines Rau Wiki

She broke the stereotype of the modeling industry becoming the first openly transgender to feature in the cover of Playboy Magazine. And Ines Rau continues to fight for her place in the business working too hard.

Born and brought in Paris, France, Ines was dole out as male at the time of birth but in years she started experiencing gender dysphoria. Being inspired from the English trans model Caroline Cossey, Ines underwent a gender reassignment surgery at age 16 following which she completely transitioned herself to female.

As per her bio in the wiki, she didn’t come out publicly with the story of her transgender self until age 24 though it was six years before she had started to perform for elite DJs in Ibiza. While she hasn’t revealed details of her parents, Ines has Algerian roots.

Ines Rau Body Measurements – 33-23-33 inches.

Being a fashion model, it really becomes essential to keep own body in top shape to stay long in the industry. And France transgender model Ines Rau has done an incredible job with that as she possesses an eye-striking curvy physique with toned abs.


Having followed a routine workout and physical exercises like powerlifting, cardio, and girevoy sports, she has kept physique in great shape with body measurements of 33-23-33 inches.