The brain is the most complex organ of our human body. It is for sure one of the amazing things with incredible capabilities. Taking care of the brain should be the first priority of everyone as it can bring wonders to the world.

There are many tiny things which have high amount of good and bad effect to your brain. We should be very much conscious about it. The most positive effect that these ways invite to our brain is to our memory and intelligence level. Here are 10 incredible ways which should be taken into consideration to take care of your most valuable assets.


1. Sleep

Sleep is an essential thing for the human brain. Too much of sleep or lack of sleep both affect our mind. Lack of sleep worsens our memory power. A human being should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep if your sleep hour is only 4 to 5 hours or less than that it is very harmful to your memory. When people are deprived of sleep for even a night the memorizing ability drops to a significant level.

Lack of sleep can also cause Alzheimer that affects the memory, behavior, and thinking. If you have a full night of sleep the toxic and dangerous component from the brain is removed. If not you can suffer from depression, it may even destroy your personal and professional life. So getting eight hours of sleep is very much essential both for your body and brain.

2. Sugar

Consumption of high level of sugar is not only bad for your physical health about also for your mental health. It is very much addictive, the more you eat the more you carve for it. And when there is a high amount of sugar intake it develops a lofty level of insulin.

The insulin is regulated and functioned by the brain cells which directly or indirectly are linked to the brain. If you are taking more sugar it also invites anxiety which causes fear and unwanted worry to your brain. There are several anxieties that can hunt you like social anxiety, separation anxiety, selective mutism and others.

No worries if you are a sweet lover the good news is eating sugar also release dopamine. It is a feel-good hormone in the brain which relaxes your mind. It will also help to get rid of stress and harmful thoughts for certain period of time.

3. Love

"Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind" – William Shakespeare. Loving someone does affect our heart but it surely is linked to our brain too. While you are in love there are hormones and chemicals those floods on our brain. This process produces a feeling of attachment, obsession, and pleasure.

Lasting love has more effect than short period love in a positive way. Having a long-term love relationship can turn down stress and even remove it in a larger amount. It is a proven phenomenon proved by the Harvard Medical School.  

Even seeing an attractive person can activate the same part of our brain which acts like a painkiller. This part is responsible for liking someone. It also makes blood flow to our brain which is very much effective.


4. Music

There are many positive effects of music on our brain. It relaxes our brain, can change your bad mood and also help is concentrate. Moderate noise music level develops our creativity level.  It increases process difficulty that supports abstract processing which ultimately leads to high level of creativity.

Good music makes our mind concentrate on certain work we are doing. But this is not preferred while driving, in a study there were more mistakes made while listening to music of own choice. The other good aspect is music training significantly improves our speed and reasoning skills.   

Visual attention is also improved while we listen to more classical music. Additionally, as exercise is very much essential for body and brain music helps us exercise.

5. Stress

There is no doubt that stress is very bad but have do you know how much does it affects your brain. Stress reduces your creativity level, makes you less focus in any of your work, fills you with headaches, makes your mood swing and much more.

There is a hormone cortisol released which damage and kill various cells in the part of your brain which is responsible for your memory called hippocampus. This process causes premature brain aging and if this problem is elevated you can also suffer from memory loss.

There won't be good functioning of your brain if you have a high-stress level. It can disturb synapse regulation which results in loss of sociability where you tend to avoid people. So stress in no way is good for your brain and your entire body.

6. Food

Food has more effects to our brain than body. The brain is always active and takes care of our body, thoughts, breathing, movements, senses, and heartbeat. So it is very much important for us to take care of our brain. And the best way to do so is to have good food every single time as far as possible.

It makes a whole lot of difference to our brain while eating good and healthy food. If you try to eat or eat clean diet for just two to three weeks you will sense a change in your body and especially to your brain. You will be filled with energy, think in a positive and creative, your sleeping schedule will go good, and the other thing you can even get rid of stress.


7. Exercise

Exercise not only helps us to stay physically fit but also strengthen us mentally. As per Harvard Medical School has stated that if a person does 150 minutes of exercise a week it will help him improve thinking skills and memory power. Daily exercise or even yoga is very much necessary for youth and old people.

With few minutes of exercise, your mood always remains fresh and you can sleep very well. This helps reducing stress. Quality time of workout increases heart rate which supplies more oxygen to the brain. Another thing to make your brain sharp is to play indoor games like puzzles, brainteasers and other IQ developing games.

You can even do many voluntary services which are similar to exercise. It makes your mind fresh and clear toxic thoughts which are bad for brain functioning.

8. Art

Art is very much effective for increasing brain plasticity and connectivity. Every time when you get engaged in new, creative, and complex activities, there are new connections created between brain cells. As this process continues your brain changes and makes you creative and artistic.

There are other several changes that arts bring to our mind for example involvement in art reduces stress in high amount. It is because we splash our unwanted thoughts in form of arts. There is a study done on painting and other meditative arts changing our mind. This improves interaction between brain cells and slows its aging. Studying arts strengthen improves major parts of our brain and have lasting health benefits.

9. Pregnancy

Pregnancy not only brings major changes to the body but also sharpens women mentally. During the period of pregnancy, there is a sudden change in the structure of the brain. It is proved that there is the reduction of gray matter in the brain areas when a woman is in her pregnancy period.

This matter is very much responsible change in the perception of society. It also builds the ability to understand people and their behavior. This is very much essential to create a strong bond between child and mother. After the reduction of gray matter, a woman understands her child and the need child. The mother will also be aware of possible external dangers that can harm her child.


10. Reading

There is no doubt that reading is directly connected to our brain. While we read it activates the areas which are not used during other times. There is a good flow of blood to your brain areas responsible for brainpower and concentration.

Reading helps in reducing stress more than music does to your brain. If you read you remember more which develop memory power in other aspects too. The other amazing thing about reading is it improves our empathic and ethical skills.

You will be more imaginative if you continuously read several books. Reading poetry also helps to boost our memory as we have to remember several word's meaning. This kind of super effect does not occur while we watch movies or play several gadgets.