We all know that technology is the forefront of our future. And today, it is the forefront of business as well. Technology brings ease, comfort, and an adherence to efficiency.

There are multiple software and programs that can allow you to grow your business incrementally. Your time will free up for creativity and develop your brand – or whatever you need to do for you and your business. Most of them are cheap and have free user offers.

Read on for high tech tips that will bring you high tier profits! Number 4 is unbelievably simple to implement, read more on the next page!


6. Accounting Software

Take your books onto the computer. You will be able to keep better track of your accounts with a one-shot look with a proper accounting software.

Quickbooks is the most well known of the software available, but there are reputable alternatives on the market. Keeping your finances in order to create proper cost analysis and valuations. The benefits are truly endless.

5. Automated Email Marketing Software

One of the biggest marketing standpoints is email marketing. An automated email marketing software such as MailChimp will allow you to schedule the premier time to send emails and what content will allow for the greatest user audience.

When email marketing is done correctly, this tool is extremely efficient. The greatest part about it is that MailChimp starts free, and you only pay for additional subscribers.

4. HR Management Software

Human resources software can save you tons of time logging hours and information about your employees. There are software that will merge timesheets, benefits, payroll, and all other employee necessities into one software.

Zenefits is particularly prominent for this technology and how it can update employee data automatically.


3. Project Management Software

Ever wondered where your team is a project?  Trello’s super simple project management software allows data and progress to be easily accessible to any member of a project.

It’s also free!  You will be able to easily track where things are with your team and your individual tasks, and no longer have to rely on promises.  This tool can give the proper analysis of business practices and employee quality.

2. CRM Software

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The most well known are SalesForce and Oracle. A proper CRM software will allow you to conglomerate all information and interactions with your customer base in one place.

All your emails, marketing, phone calls – basically anything that touches the customer – can be enhanced with a successful implementation of a CRM software. Zoho CRM is a good cheaper alternative to Salesforce.

1. Office Suite and Productivity Software

What would we all do without Microsoft Office? The advent of word processing, Excel, and PowerPoint have revolutionized the way we live. From college students to seasoned sales staff, this software has created an extremely time-efficient way to exhibit information.

Google is rivaling with Google Docs and the rest of its capability, but office suite has truly taken the first step to making all our lives easier and undoubtedly has earned the #1 spot.