Kataluna Enriquez As A Man: Before And After Surgery

The before and after pictures of Kataluna Enriquez can be found on online media. The beauty pageant herself has shared the pictures on her social media handle, where we could see the boy self of her. 

In an interview, Kataluna Enriquez has spoken publicly about her past struggles where she faced physical and sexual abuse. 

Enriquez, however, has lightened the facts about her high school experience, where she survived bullying, abuse, and discrimination due to her gender identity. 

Her high school experience was surely a nightmare, as she was bullied and abused by her classmates and they didn't even allow her to use either boys' or girls' bathrooms. 

Additionally, she even has spoken about her positive experience with mental health therapy during her childhood. 

Who Is Kataluna Enriquez?

According to her Wikipedia profile, Kataluna Enriquez is a beauty pageant titleholder, fashion designer, and health administrator. 

Enriquez won the Miss Silver State USA pageant in March 2021. Also, on June 27, 2021, she has been crowned Miss Nevada USA.

Similarly, her achievements have made her the first openly transgender woman to win the titles and become qualified to compete in the Miss USA pageant. 

Not only this, but the Filipina American is also the owner of a clothing line, Kataluna Kouture. In addition, she has attended school for fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

How old is Kataluna Enriquez? Age Explored

An American beauty pageant titleholder Kataluna Enriquez is 27 years of age. 

Born in the year 1993 in the Philippines, Enriquez has emigrated to the United States with her family when she was just 10 years old, residing in San Francisco. 

Similarly, Enriquez is the eldest among her seven siblings and is a Filipina American. 

Find Kataluna Enriquez On Instagram

Enriquez can be found on Instagram under the username @mskataluna with 82.9k followers. 

Her Instagram profile is completely occupied with her outstandingly amazing pictures of her.