Bloating can be very embarrassing. Imagine preparing for a special event, going on holiday and preparing to wear your bathing suit or even trying to fit into pants or a dress.

It can be tedious when you are bloated and you know you will not look your best. Additionally, a stomach full of gas is not a comfortable feeling. To get rid of bloating fast, this one drink might be your solution:

People tend to avoid drinking water when they are bloated as they think it will make the bloating worse. Contrary to popular belief, you should drink more water to ensure that you are not dehydrated.

Instead of a plain glass of water, you can reduce bloating by adding lemon juice to make it more effective. Lemon does not have any special ingredient that combats bloating. Instead, it helps to reduce your sodium intake in addition to providing you with some needed vitamins.

Apart from the quick fix lemon drink, you can always incorporate some fresh lemon juice into your meals. Use the juice to season your salad instead of reaching for another dressing.

To make the lemon drink, take one full lemon which yields about three and a half tablespoons of lemon juice. Clean it and roll it on a surface to ensure that all the juice it will be released. Cut the lemon in half and proceed to squeeze the juice into a cup.