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How Tall is Nicole Lopez-Alvar Height? Age, Wiki, Family, Net Worth, Boyfriend Facts
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The Bachelor. You know about this reality television show right. Actually, it is necessary to know about this show before you know about Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Let me tell you a little about The Bachelor. It is an American reality television show. In this time it is airing it’s 23rd seasons. In this season 30 female contestants compete for each other to win the heart of former NFL player Colton Underwood. The contestants are from different background. And some of them includes pageant star, a sloth and others too.

Among 30 contestants this season Nicole Lopez-Alvar is also one of them. Know about this beautiful contestant following this article.

How tall is Nicole Lopez-Alvar height?

So, what is the height of the beautiful Nicole Lopez-Alvar? This might be popping in your head. Actually, it’s also popping in our as we don’t know the answer. However, looking at her pictures she seems to have a pretty good height. And she has maintained her body very well.

Talking about her appearance, she has brown colored eyes. And her hair is also of brown color. It makes her look more attractive and stunningly beautiful. I mean appearance doesn’t actually matter but she’s on TV guys, looks do matter and everybody knows it

Nicole Lopez-Alvar Age (26 years old)


Nicole Lopez-Alvar is 26 years old as of 2019. She was born in the year 1992 in the United States. Moreover, according to, she celebrates her birthday every 23rd day of November.

Furthermore, according to her zodiac’s calendar, her birth sign is Sagittarius and if you believe in horoscopes, go for it and find all the Sagittauras things about her. especially, if you are Sagittauras yourself, you might enjoy watching her. Well. that was just a stupid thing I just said because I don’t believe in horoscopes at all.


Wikipedia information of Nicole Lopez-Alvar is not available. But we have searched high and low for it around the darkest amongst the darkest corners of the internet. And, let me tell you, we have collected lots of information about her.

Nicole holds the citizenship of America and she is from Miami, Florida. Talking about her academics, she is the student of Carrolton School of the Sacred Heart. And she graduated with the degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Miami.

Furthermore, she came into limelight after appearing in the reality television The Bachelor in its 23rd season. Along with the other contestants, she is competing to win Colton’s heart.

According to the promotional video of the show, she is very interested in singing. She said she loves imitating the artists like Beyonce an Ariana grande. Nicole has shared a photo of the moment when she met Colton Underwood. And she stepped out of the limo in the Bachelor Mansion. She is smiling in the photo. And she is also holding the hand of Colton. Moreover, she has written, “ Turns out free food isn’t the only thing that makes me smile this hard (I am just shook)”.


The details of Nicole Lopez-Alvar family is not available. I mean what were you gonna do getting to know all of her family- got to their house on Thanksgiving or Christmas? Relax guys. Not all things are supposed to be shared if she wants to keep private things private, it’s her choice because she is the master of her own life. Well, sorry if that sounded very deep and philosophic but you have no option but to deal with it.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar Net Worth (500K)

Nicole Lopez-Alvar is estimated to have the net worth of about $500k dollars. She has successfully made such a good amount of worth from her professional career. She is new in the television industry. So, she might earn more after few years through television.

 Boyfriend Facts

Nicole Lopez-Alvar has not revealed any sorts of information regarding her relationships. She is very private when it comes to sharing her personal information and it’s all her decision. you guys don’t wanna get another lecture from me about how she is a master of her own life, right? Yeah! I didn’t get an answer but I ‘ll take that as a yes.