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Mitch Grassi has since a long time revealed about his sexual orientation to be gay. Mitch Grassi also seems to share a special bond with his childhood friend and another gay band member Scott Hoying.

Mitch is popularly known as an American singer, Youtuber, and a songwriter. He is actively engaged in band Pentatonix and his Youtube channel with Scott named” Superfruit”.

Mitch Grassi Height – How Tall is Mitch Grassi?

Mitch Grassi has an attractive height of 5 feet 10 inch.

He has cute appearance and is also mentioned as a sweet gay member of the band he is associated with. He has got a tattoo over his chest, hands and most of his body parts. He has got long hairs lately and keeps changing his hair color.

Mitch Grassi Age – 26 Years Old


Mitch Grassi is 26 years old as of 2018.

Mitch Grassi Relationships and Boyfriend Facts

Mitch Grassi has not really opened up about his boyfriend & relationship. However, it is reported that he has a special connection with his fellow gay band member Scott Hoying.

Though they have not fully spoken up about the relationship they share as most of the fans likes them and wish them to be single.

Mitch and Scott have been friends since they were 10 years old. They studied in the same school and has a trio band back then.

Currently, they have opened their channel in 2013, Superfruit on which they do comedy and fun stuff.

Besides they are two gay members of well-known band Pentatonix.

He has mentioned Scott as a husband and by such names a few times on his social accounts. This has given a hint that they surely have some kind of special bond with each other.

Mitch Grassi Net Worth – $8 Million Dollars

Mitch Grassi has earned huge name and money from his singing career. He has an estimated net worth of 8 million dollars.

He has got millions of followers on his youtube channel and his band channel as well. His songs with Pentatonix are streamed over many platforms and are liked by the people.

Mitch Grassi Wiki

Mitch Grassi was born on July 24, 1992. He is originally from Arlington, Texas.

He is an American native and so are his parents. He is the son of Nel Grassi and Mike Grassi. There are no details on his siblings and so.

His full birth name is Mitchell Coby, Michael Grassi.

For his education, he went to James Martin High School. He graduated high school in 2011. Other details related to his universities are not available.

He started having a passion for singing since he was a little kid. His parents have always supported him and his career.

Mitch’s Instagram Account – 904K Followers

Mitch Grassi has massive followers of 904 thousand on his Instagram account. From which we can see that people are a huge fan of him.

We can see many pictures of him with his gay partner Scott on his account. His collection of pictures over his account rather represents the gay character of his and he has unique dressing sense.