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As the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ premieres on August 5 on ABC, the highly-anticipated casts are just taking over the internet.

While season six of the reality show already started filming, viewers are buzzing over the freshly released name.

On July 17 episode of ‘Good Morning America’, it officially releases the returning cast from seven franchises. While this highly-awaited season is sure to be full of drama and surprises, let’s check out first seven contestants.

One of the seven contestants is Demi Burnett, the so-called ‘drama queen’ who is always up for extra footage. But, in case, if you’re wondering ‘who is Demi Burnett’, here’s what you need to know about this country girl!

How tall is Demi Burnett? Her Height

Demi Burnett has audiences buzzing from the 23rd season of ‘The Bachelor’, starring Colton Underwood. Her personality and outspoken nature certainly created waves during each episode of Colton’s season.

With her toned legs, radiating beauty and perfect skin, Demi makes heads turn.

While there’s no measure to Demi Burnett’s height, this blonde bombshell steals the shows right away.

Demi Burnett Age and Wiki


Born in the month of love, Demi Burnett is 24 in age (b. February 21, 1995). This reality star radiates the typical laid back white girl look.

She rose to fame over last year with ‘The Bachelor’. And, she is now basically everywhere on the ‘Bachelor’ franchises.

Demi is very popular on social media as well but isn’t only famous for her television appearances. Per her ABC bio, she is an interior designer.

But, Demi still hasn’t given any information surrounding her involvement in the designing industries. Her Facebook or Instagram handles doesn’t promote her role as an interior designer either.

Demi, meanwhile, is all set to head to a sexy Mexican paradise in search of ‘perfect partner’. While Demi Burnett may not have her Wiki page, her bio at ABC can be helpful to know this proud country girl.

Is Demi Burnett Dating? Her Boyfriend

One of the best-looking women on season six of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, Demi Burnett is still seeking for love.

Hence, it’s safe to say Demi Burnett is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

While she has earlier appeared in this elaborate game of romance, she must have picked up some dos/don’ts from the experience.

Nonetheless, the rejection from Colton when she confesses her love for him is still heartbreaking to recall.

In early 2019, the rumor mill began grinding after Demi and Paulie Calafiore of ‘Big Brother’ were spotted hanging out.

As Demi clearly isn’t dating anyone currently, it’s going to be fun watching her fight for love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’.

How much is Bachelor in Paradise’s Demi Burnett Net Worth?

Demi Burnett is a contestant to look out during the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 6. With all the dramas and controversies, she is going to raise the TRP for the show.

With that being said, she signed a million dollar worth contract for this season. But, who knows, right?

As of May 2019, Demi Burnett hasn’t disclosed the official figure to her salary or net worth.

Demi Burnett Family

Demi Burnett comes from the rural town of Red Oak Texas. In her hometown, she grew up fishing, hiking and watching WWE with her family.

On ‘The Bachelor’, she opened up about her family and shared Colton that her mother is severing time in federal jail. Demi’s mother name is Tina. Stay tune-in on ABC this August to watch Demi’s quest for love!