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How old is Somadina Adinma Age? Regina Daniels Ex's Family, Net Worth,
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18 years old actress, Regina Daniels is the most-talked topic currently. Her love affairs hype the internet quite often. Her marriage with 59 years old senator hit the media outlets recently. In fact, now, people want to know a lot about her past relationships too.

Thus, today it’s about Regina’s famous ex, Somadina Adinma. Know more about him here.

How old is Somadina Adinma? (Age – 20 years old)

Born on May 8, 1999, Somadina Adinma’s age is 20 years old currently. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His zodiac sign is Tauras.

Somadina Adinma – Regina Daniel’s ex-family


Somadina is a rising actor from a small city Neni, Anambra. Still, there is a lack of details regarding his family. As per sources, Regina Daniel’s ex is the youngest son of his family.

Altogether, he has only one sibling. But, his sibling’s name or details aren’t available on the news outlets.

Likewise, Somadina Adinma parent’s details are also behind the bushes. Hopefully, someday his bio information will be complete. Then, maybe it will include his family details too. Of course, Somadina has a long way to go in his career.

Somadina Adinma Networth

Nigerian actor, Somadina Adinma net worth isn’t disclosed anywhere in 2019. According to, Somadina’s net worth was around $50,000 in 2018.

Also, he is one of the richest and impactful actor in Nigeria these days.

Additionally, Somadina rakes up this decent amount of net-worth from his career. After completing schooling in Lagos, he went to Nnamdi Azikiwe University. He studied theatre arts there. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts.

Firstly, Somadina used to act in dramas plus stage plays. The theatre arts department organized the acts. Officially he joined the movie industry in 2006. He established himself as a skilled and gifted Nigerian actor in Nollywood.

He showed his acting talents in above 60 Nollywood films. However, Forest of Promises, Breathe of  Anger and Speak the Word gave him the stardom. He started his career as a child artist.

Some famous personalities Somadina worked with are Regina Daniels, Promise Odika, Williams Uchemba, etc.

Besides an actor, Somadina also is a TV presenter and model. He worked with a broadcasting company, Enugu State. He also worked for Igbo TV as a presenter.

Somadina Adinma was nominated for some valuable awards for his talents. Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award nominated him for most promising actor in Nigeria. Likewise, City People Entertainment Awards nominated him for a best new act.

Moreover, Somadina is also famous as the ex-spouse of celeb, Regina Daniels.

Is Somadina Adinma Married?

The answer to this question is a big no. Somadina Adinma isn’t married. Recently, his ex-girlfriend, Regina Daniels married billionaire Ned Nwoko. Since their marriage, Paparazzi asked him to react to his ex-spouse’s marriage.

Finally, paparazzi were successful. The 20-year-old actor gave his opinion about the marriage on Instagram. Somadina warned not to ask him about his past or send trash related to Regina.

People used to follow him on street, cinemas, etc. asking about Regina Daniels. Hopefully, people won’t ask him about his ex-girlfriend anymore.