Who Is Serena Pitt?

Serena Pitt is an American participant on The Bachelor, an American dating and romance reality television series, currently in its 25th season.

She's a publicist from Toronto, Ontario, and one of the season's youngest candidates. Pitt, on the other hand, is still looking for her Mr. Right.

Despite the fact that Pitt did not receive a rose at the premiere, she is a contender not to be overlooked.

Pitt made one of the most adorable limo arrivals. Her profile also stated that she is ready to let go after working so hard up to this point in her life. 

What Does Serena Pitt Do For A Living?

Serena Pitt is currently employed as a publicist for a communications firm and works part-time as a model.

Pitt has always lived a strict existence and claims she has never taken the time to pursue genuine love, but she is throwing her rulebook out the window and is ready to meet her dream man.

She's also searching for a partner that enjoys spending time with her, whether it's over a few drinks at a low-key pub or sitting courtside at a Toronto Raptors game.

How Old Is Serena Pitt?

Serena Pitt is a 23-year-old actor.

She was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on October 25, 1997.

Her physique is slender, and she stands tall at a height of five feet and ten inches.

Is Serena Pitt On Wikipedia?

Serena Pitt hasn't been seen on the Wikipedia page in 2021.

Pitt then graduated in June 2019 and began working as a brand ambassador for Cotton Candy Event Staffing Inc. shortly after.

Her most recent position was as an intern at MacIntyre Communications in Toronto, which she started in August 2020.

Pitt is the daughter of Indian mother Rasna Pitt and European father Bill Pitt. She also has a sister named Talia Pitt. Her parents are, on the whole, supportive of her Bachelor's degree pursuit.