How old is Sam Bernstein? More on his Son, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Wiki

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How old is Sam Bernstein? Sam Bernstein’s current age is estimated at 75-year-old as he is reported to be born in 1944. Bestowed with intense knowledge about law and orders, he hasn’t only impressed people with his glorious law career but also with his personality.

Despite being on his mid-seventies, he still holds that charm which is capable to attract any women.

He stands with a soaring height and average weight. Moreover, his average yet energetic body shows how well he cares for himself. Possesses the experience of over five decades in legal works, his charismatic looks and decent disposition makes him look more vigilant.

Consequently, as he has cherished around 75 springs, his white hairline and wrinkles are the proof of experience and life he has lived.

Sam Bernstein Son – Mark and Richard

The veteran American attorney Sam Bernstein has two sons, Mark and Richard, and a daughter Beth Bernstein. His youngest son Richard was born blind. His blindness is because of retinitis pigmentosa that is a condition of a genetic disorder which breaks down retina cells.

On the other hand, Bernstein’s daughter Beth works with him as a partner in his law firm. Beth chased the footprints of her grandmother to honor the tradition of the Bernstein family by helping people to get justice. She graduated from the University of Michigan with Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.

In addition, Beth also studied at the Northwestern University School of Law. Besides Bernstein’s two kids, there is no information about his eldest child Mark.

Sam Bernstein Wife – Susan Nelson

Sam Bernstein’s wife Susan Nelson seems to be a supportive and understanding one which might be the reason of his blooming career. Though there has given little bit information about his kids it is hard to acquire details about his wife.

However, he probably is relishing a blissful marital life with years of love and compatibility. Works to give justice for others, he has never been known to abuse or divorcing his wife. Together, the couple has three children.

Sam Bernstein Net Worth

Which is the net worth of Sam Bernstein? Well, he surely has gathered a gigantic amount through his prowess in law. The major part of his possession is from his decades of pride, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm. Furthermore, he also amasses some hefty amounts by frequently lecturing at several law schools, organizations, and bar associations.

Sam Bernstein Family

Sam Bernstein has carried out the legacy of his family which has been practiced by the law profession.

He is the third generation of the Bernstein family who has committed to fight and win for people for a half century. As he is aware of his family history which started in 1899, he has victoriously handled the things to remind people of the revolutionary legacy of his ancestors.

Sam Bernstein Wiki

There has published a glorious Wiki of Sam Bernstein and his graceful deeds which he has carried out since years. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he is the son of Mandell Bernstein who founded the Bernstein law firm. He studied Mumford High School and attended Michigan State University.

Later, he graduated with a bachelor degree in political science and education. Subsequently, he attended Wayne State University Law School and graduated in 1968. The same year he graduated, he founded The Sam Bernstein Law Firm which specializes in personal injury law.

He is the longest serving member of the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.