How Old Is Ondreaz Lopez? His Famous Birthdays, Age, Height, Girlfriend

How Old Is Ondreaz Lopez? His Famous Birthdays, Age, Height, Girlfriend

TikTok has become the best way for people to get recognized. It helps many to show their talents. TikTok made life easier for creative people. They shouldn’t wait for anyone to get famous. All they have to do is upload their content on TikTok on a regular basis. Similarly, today we are going to talk about a TikTok star today. His name is Ondreaz Lopez.

Additionally, if you are good at content creating then you can also try to become a web star. Because it wouldn’t take long to be famous if you have that talent.

Believe me, Ondreaz also became famous in a short period of time. Due to his interesting TikTok videos, he garnered fame in a couple of months.

Read further to know more about this TikTok star.

How old is Ondreaz Lopez?

Probably, you have also watched Ondreaz’s Tik Tok videos.

So, make a guess how old is Ondreaz Lopez? Okay, if you are confused I will tell you his exact age.

Ondreaz is currently 22 years old. However, he appears to be much younger than his age.

Additionally, the Tik Tok sensation was born on April 4, 1997.

His birthplace is Nevada. And, his birth sign is Aries.

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Ondreaz Lopez on Famous Birthdays

According to his profile on, he is an American Tik Tok artist. He mostly posts dancing videos on Tik Tok. He is also famous on YouTube for his dance compilations with his brother.

The duo is commonly known as the Lopez Brothers on the web. His brother’s name is Tony Lopez.

Furthermore, Lopez Brother also has a joint Instagram account. They post their content on their Instagram too.

Talking about Ondreaz the Tik Tok star, he started posting contents on his Tik Tok account since March 2019.

Can you believe how fast he became famous due to his videos? He runs a self-titled Tik Tok account. Also, he is famous as the dancer guy among his Tik Tok fans. Additionally, he garners more than 200K fans on his account. He also has won 2.7M hearts from his videos.

Do follow his Instagram and Tik Tok to watch and enjoy interesting dance videos. Generally, he performs on Avril Lavigne’s music on Tik Tok.

Ondreaz Lopez Age (22 years old)

As I mentioned above, Ondreaz is currently 22 years of age. At this young age, he made his own fans. He is now a recognized web star. However, this is just a starting phase of his career. And, he has a long way to go no doubt. Hopefully, he will win millions of hearts in the coming future too.

His Height

Ondreaz Lopez’s height details aren’t available on the media outlets. After seeing his photos you can obviously tell that he stands at a good height. He is handsome and charming.

Who is Ondreaz Lopez’s Girlfriend 2019?

There is a lack of this rising star’s personal details. It hasn’t been long since he became famous.

So, it is difficult to find if Ondreaz has a girlfriend or not. Probably, he is single.

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