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She started dancing from the age of just 2 and did not stop there and just kept going and going. All kids start dancing from 2 but few get so good at it that they start getting recognized not just as a cute kid who dances but a professional dancer who is paid to do so.

Such is the story of kid dancer Madison Haschak and here is everything you need to know about her.

Madison Haschak Age

How old is Madison Haschak? According to some trustworthy sites online, Madison is currently 19 years of age. Now, that’s young but if there is anything you need to know, it’s that age is just a number.

Just to put it in perspective, the iPhone was not even invented when Madison was born. So, she is pretty young.


Madison Haschak Sisters


Madison is an older sister to three other beautiful girls – Gracie, Sierra, and Olivia. The four of them founded a dancing group named ‘Haschak Sisters’.

Talk about sisterhood, a dance troupe at such a young age says that they are very close to each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Their mother – Katie Haschak is responsible for handling all their deals and making all the complicated decisions.

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However, the details about her sisters’ age are not as easily found on the internet because she is the most famous among 4 sisters.

However, Gracie Haschak is 17 years of age.

Madison Haschak Height – 5 feet 6 inches (1.69 m)

The details about her height are well known and found on the internet. Being a dancer, it’s normal for your height to be of concern for people.

Madison Haschak stands moderately tall at 5.6 feet which is just a little higher than the national average of the USA.

Madison Haschak Boyfriend

Madison was asked by many people about her boyfriend. A couple of years ago, her sister had said that she only was focusing on her schooling and would probably be open to the idea of dating somebody when she reaches 20 years of age.

So, I would not be surprised to think that Madison also has the same kind of thoughts regarding boys.

There were rumors that she had been in a relationship with Lucas Helms but it can’t be said with absolute certainty.

But there are fans speculating about her relationship on Youtube.

Madison Haschak Net worth: $2.5 Million

Madison Haschak is rumored to be worth about $2.5 million dollars. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all that she is worth but is just an economic aspect of her life.

But there’s a catch. The net worth is shared by all 4 sisters. I would calculate her individual net worth but I don’t want to be the bad omen in their lives by speculating something horrible.

She is doing many dance shows and people are still falling in love with her moves. So, her net worth is only going to go up higher.