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How old is Kelsi Taylor? Kelsi Taylor, age 20 is a promising American pop singer-songwriter, recording artist, and social media phenomenon with over 25.6k Instagram followers. Broadly acknowledged from her album ‘Fear of Yourself’, Taylor has been recently in the front page of every magazine and media outlets – credit to her romantic affair with actor and stand-up comedian Dane Cook, age 47.

Kelsi Taylor Birthday

Born on October 26, 1998, Kelsi Taylor present age is 20 that means the singer still has five months or more to go for her 21st birthday. Absolutely gorgeous with magnificent looks, strong personality and physical sex appeal, Taylor is a true charmer.

She totally stuns her 25.6k followers on Instagram with mesmeric good looks perfected by fairly tanned skin complexion, razor-sharp jawline, smoky brown eyes, and infectious smile.

Being a fitness freak, it’s impossible not to find Taylor hitting the gym frequently as the brunette beauty is pretty cautious when it comes to her workout plan. Even when traveling across the country, she makes sure that she does enough workout and exercise to keep own-self fit and in great shape.

Who is Kelsi Taylor dating right now?


Be it her professional music career or private life, the 20-years-old pop star has never put her fans in anonymity or build any kind of speculation within news magazine and social media.

With millions of people and paparazzo watching her every moves all day long, it’s pretty amazing how Kelsi has maintained her relationship with actor boyfriend Dane Cook.

The two have been dating since 2017 and in spite of their 27-years age difference, it’s unbelievable how the couple has continued to cherish and appreciate each other disregarding all the condemns and contempt.

Met at a game night show presented by Dane, the couple went public with their relationship via Instagram straight away after sparking romance rumors.

Together for almost two years now, the duo is still going strong and makes one of the lovely couples in the industry. In a recent post shared on Instagram, Cook had left an emotional and heart-warming message for his girlfriend of two years gushing how much he loves and cares for her.

Dane Cook Teenage Girlfriend Lisa Kelsi Wikipedia

Unlike her Hollywood star boyfriend Dane Cook, Lisa hasn’t got her own wiki page yet. Still multiple websites and tabloid have pulled out enough details and information about the pop singer that clears the curiosity of the audience of who Lisa Kelsi is.

Originally from California, she is a pop singer-songwriter and social media personality. Even though she is frank and witty, Kelsi is relatively confidential when it comes to her personal life especially parents and early childhood as she has hardly tried to provide the actual identity of her parents and family.

Enrolled at The University of California, Kelsi had formerly worked as a background singer while on a tour of renowned singers and artist in the music industry. She has not only put a great show along with Little Big Town and ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ hitmaker Demi Lovato but also performed at the Republic of Pie held at North Hollywood, California.