How old is Bloveslife? Bethany Gaskin Husband, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Age, Married

Internet has produced a number of influencers and celebrities this generation. And, those have turned through posting pictures and videos online into productive full-time careers.

Amongst the most well-known YouTubers includes African beauty Bethany Gaskin, who runs a popular channel called ‘Bloveslife’.

She is one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels, which is primarily focused on food-based content.

On video-sharing platform, Bethany has racked up millions of subscribers by uploading videos on YouTube.

Up ahead, take a closer look into Bethany Gaskin career on YouTube while we unveil few personal facts about her.

How old is Bethany Gaskin? Her Age

Born in 1975, Bethany Gaskin age is 44 this year, but her looks say otherwise. Having celebrated her recent birthday on April 2, it’s terrific on how she has maintained herself with wrinkle-free skin.

Despite eating heavily these years, this food-lover has gained extra pounds and her curvaceous frame says it all.

How much is Bethany Gaskin Net Worth?

With over millions of subscribers on YouTube, Bethany Gaskin reported net worth is $1 million, nailbuzz.com estimates.

Bethany ‘Bloveslife’ channel posts regular vlogs of herself eating exotic food and going on places with her loved ones.

She is a big time foodie and the most-viewed videos on her channel eating foods. She initially earned popularity two years back when the video through food challenges, recipes, vlogs and more.

Moreover, she has also collected a whopping fortune from her sponsored social media posts.

Bethany Gaskin Wikipedia

Bethany Gaskin is better recognized for her YouTube channel, ‘Bloveslife’. Besides, she has also earned huge popularity on Instagram handle called ‘Bloveslife2’.

She originally rose to popularity for her content focusing on the Korean subgenre of vlogging known as Mukbang. Her videos mostly consist of herself eating a gigantic portion of foods on camera.

According to interviewmagazine.com, she started on YouTube in early 2017 with cooking videos and few mukbang ones.

In recent years, she uploads per day and has over hundreds of viral videos with more than millions of views.

One of such viral vides is titled ‘Seafood boil 5 Smacking Noises/Messy Eating/King Crab/Lobster/Shrimp in June 2017.

Originally from the States, she has earned her celebrity status in a short period of time. And, her followers love her quirky personality and relatable content.

While she has collaborated with other YouTubers including Nikocado Avocado, she has since also expanded into other genres.

Although Bethany has a private Instagram account, if you are a food lover she is worth giving a follow!

Bethany Gaskin Married – Know her Husband

Living a private life on the public eye, Bethany Gaskin keeps her romantic life details away from media reach as possible.

Bethany has welcomed two children, both sons Darius and Dalvin, who is a regular fixture on her Instagram.

As per brief bio on famousbrithday.com, Bethany Gaskin (Bloveslife) is happily married and her husband has given few appearances on her channel.

Given her private nature, talking about her love life seldom interest her. Because of which, we are unable to discover the identity of her husband so far.