Alex Manos Age- How Old Is Farrah Aldjufrie Fiance? 

Alex Manos's age is estimated to be between 30 to 35 years old.

However, his exact date of birth or birthday is yet to be revealed on social media platforms. Maybe he wants to keep his personal information out of social media platforms.

Alex has managed to keep his personal information under wraps.

Moreover, he was born in the city of London, England.

Alex Manos Net Worth

Alex Manos's net worth is estimated to be over 10 million dollars.

However, his exact net worth is yet to be revealed on social networking sites. But Alex Manos is rumored to have a substantial net worth.

His LinkedIn page, on the other hand, gives a quick overview of his past. He is a vehicle aficionado who has been running his Beverly Hills auto club since 2004.

Alex has been the president of his company for quite a long time. He continues to acquire European vintages. He also sells and buys some of the most magnificent antique autos in the world.

So, we expect him to have a huge amount of net worth.

Is Farrah Aldjufrie Fiance Alex Manos On Instagram?

Farrah Aldjufrie's fiance Alex Manos seems to be highly active on Instagram with more than 108k followers and 719 posts.

His Instagram handle is @mralexmanos.

Alex's Instagram handle has blue ticks indicating that it is verified.

Alex enjoys posting photos of his rare classic automobile collection to his Instagram account.