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They say the only way to success is hard work and sheer talent. Looking onto the young and talented rapper, the phrase seems to make sense, for all good reasons.

Blessed with a towering height of 6′ 3”, rapper, and singer, Trilly Sammy equally has a voluptuous stature in the music industry.

You start your day first by making up your bed. Likewise, the young rapper did the same. Blessed with the talent, he nurtured it then he severed his rap to his audiences. First thing first!

At a tender age of 21, Trill Sammy is immeasurable successful and his audience is spread throughout the world. Famed for his single titled Trappin’, Trill earned the stature of a successful rapper in just 3 years of his life in the industry. In 2015, the Texas-born rapper released his first single Wholesale and the rest is a success story.

With a professional life so palpable, contrary to which falls his personal life. Trill falls among the likes who love to keep their personal details out of the reach of media and public eyes. Now his secrecy has clouded his fans with a vast curiosity of his girlfriend and love affairs.

Is the rapper currently dating or single? Let’s find out.

How tall is the Rapper Trill Sammy? Is he 6ft 3 In?

Born in the year 1997, Trill Sammy stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Blessed with long tender legs, the rapper celebrates his birthday annually on the 30th of November.

How old is the Rapper Trill Sammy?


Currently 21 years of age, Trill is of Sagittarius birth sign.

Standing 1.9 meters tall, Sammy has a slim body structure. He has a toned physique with healthy biceps and abs.

Owing to his fan following also to his sound physique, the 21-year old rapper is known for his Afro hairstyle. He has naturally black hair and his eye color is black. The details of his other body measurements are still unknown.

Details About Trill Sammy Girlfriend

As mentioned earlier, Trill Sammy is a private guy. The details of his girlfriend and relationships are still unknown.

While the rapper opts not to officially state his relationship status, he loves to tease his relationship status on social pages. Not once, but on a number of occasions.

On 25 September 2015, Trill mentioned reality TV star, Shannon Clermont on his tweet. Trill reflected he wants the lady back to his crib. Wondering what he plans to do with Sammy on his bed!

On 23 October 2015, Trill again mentioned her on his tweet. This time he referred to her as ‘girlfriend.’

Contrary to his Twitter story, Trill and Shannon have never been spotted in public together, neither in any events.

Though the rappers seem to enjoy teasing his love life on social pages, he is yet to make his relationship status official.

What is Trill Sammy’s Real Name?

Born in the year 1997, Trill Sammy’s real name is Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia. He opted for Tirll Sammy after his professional career in the music industry.

Trill Sammy was born to parents of mixed ethnicity. His nationality is American and belongs to America-African background.

Although the identity of his parents is still unknown, Sammy is very close to his mother, as per FamousBirthdays.