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How tall is Chase Hudson? Chase Hudson Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m). The current social media sensation and teenage heartthrob Chase maybe just 17 but his inimitable abilities and aptitude to keep engaging the audience is beyond people’s expectation.

The Californian star, 17 who is pretty close reach the landmark with 1 million followers on Instagram has delighted fans with his incredibly amusing and uproarious videos on TikTok.

Hudson has also impressed his fans especially females with his sensational good looks, lovely personality and attractive height of 1.67 m.

How Old is Chase Hudson?

Chase Hudson (Born October 2001) which means his current age is 17 years old in 2019.

His alley to the apex of career success may have just started but his creative and comical videos on YouTube have already made Chase quite a prominent name in social media.

Youngsters mostly ladies from all over the world seemed to have shared a close-knit with the young social media influencer by now as he already has got more than 819k followers on his Instagram and 84k subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel.

Just 17-years-old and Chase has already reached a milestone with his incredibly amazing YouTube videos that have providentially received wide acclaim from the viewers around the globe.

In fact, people are also going gaga over his unique skills of entertaining the audience and his good looks that just don’t go pass.

The young one is breathtakingly good looking and charismatic with elegant boyish allure, perfect facial structure, radiant skin tone, and likable persona.

Hudson possesses a lean physique with toned abs perhaps maintained through a routine exercise and healthy diet.

Chase Hudson Girlfriend – Mary Kate


When did Chase Hudson start dating girlfriend Mary Kate?

Chase certainly has broken the heart of a million young girls all around the world by acknowledging that he already has got a special one by his side.

Even though their relationship is relatively fresh and just blossoming, Chase and his childhood flame Mary Kate appears to be pretty much in love with each other.

The TikTok star, 17 haven’t deliberately guarded his private life with the fellow muser girlfriend but just keep it low-key to avoid the extreme media attention and limelight.

Given the two everlasting relationship and close intimacy with an unbreakable connection, Hudson is pretty serious about his love with Mary and hopefully, the lovebird will make it to the end.

While the couple is yet to go public with their relationship, they still are pretty much together so far especially after knowing the fact that the star hasn’t been spotted with any mysterious girl other than Kate.

Chase Hudson Birthday Celebrations

Chase already has had several birthday parties and revels from the start till all the years but the recent one which Chase celebrated just four days ago has to be the one to remember for life long as he turned sweet 17 this year.

Although the star didn’t talk about it in public or even share a sneak peek of the bash most certainly attended by close friends and family on Instagram, Hudson undoubtedly had a remarkable birthday party this year.