How Much Is Russell Brunson Net Worth Now? Age, Wiki and Wife Info

How Much Is Russell Brunson Net Worth Now? Russell Brunson has a jaw-dropping net worth of $37 million earned through sales of more than two hundred and thousands of marketing books.

He is a digital marketing pundit and co-founder of the world’s fast-growing software company ClickFunnel and noticeably Russell Brunson has had quite a time over the years.

His business is continuously thriving than what it was in the past and with the successful career, the 39-years-old entrepreneur has made sure that he constantly adds millions to his fortune.

Russell Brunson Age: 39

Born on March 8, 1980, Russell Brunson present age is 39. The digital marketing guru who was just 12 when started accumulating junk mail hasn’t changed radically all these years with age-defying boyish looks, teenage glow, and charisma.

A true gentleman, Russell is incredibly handsome and alluring with eye-candy good looks, well-polished appearance, and suave demeanor.

His clean-shaven face with neatly stylized hairdo and deep blue eyes has further refined looks of Brunson. He also possesses a chiseled physique with toned abs and biceps having regularly hit the gym and work on a series of workout including planks and jogging.

Before creating the software company, he had sold an array of goodies and items including coupons, coaching books, software and t-shirts which racked up Brunson a hefty sum of cash.

Russell Brunson Wiki

Russell Brunson Wikipedia: Born and brought up in Provo, Utah, Russell Brunson is the son of Marde Brunson and Ross Brunson. He partly spent his childhood in Provo but it was a city in Salt Lake County called Sandy where Russell enjoyed most of his early life.

He was still too young when first developed an interest in sales and marketing after which Brunson started watching television commercials and radio as it awestruck him. At the age of 12, he was collecting junk mail and trying to learn how the marketing actually works.

Since he was young to start his own business, Russell rather went to find the lucrative offer of business opportunity he possibly could, essentially to learn the science and art of direct response.

According to his wike, Russell Brunson had won a state championship in the sport while ranked second at high school nationals during his senior years in school, being a competitive wrestler. 

Obsessed with the sports, he continued to wrestle in the ring even while studying at Brigham Young University and Boise State University, having taken a transfer in the latter one from where he graduated in 2006.   

Russell Brunson Wife – Collette Brunson

Who is Russell Brunson Wife Collette Brunson? As much as he was fortunate in his professional career, Russell was lucky enough to find the love of his life while still studying at Boise State University.

He had first met his wife at the college and instantly fallen in love with her before things heated up. Russell Brunson and his future wife Collette soon began dating each other and it wasn’t long they decided to take the wedding vows.

It’s been quite a while now since they have been married to each other and yet the couple looks as if they have just fallen in love with each other.

They have been blessed with five kids whose identity has been kept a secret from media.